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any thick, viscous matter

(slang) a disparaging term for an Asian person (especially for North Vietnamese soldiers in the Vietnam War)

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Mr Gook, who has been involved in the scheme for 12 years, says it provides a useful point of contact between communities and police.
Southgate said: "We need competition for places in all areas and it is a great challenge for Dong Gook to come and try to play in the Premier League.
It's fair to say Boro old boy Dong Gook Lee of South Korea would be unlikely to frighten the QPR defence
We thought it would be interesting to get Dong Gook across, and I was very impressed that he was prepared to come for a trial.
There had been doubts whether Dong Gook, nowplaying for Asian champions Pohang Steelers, would be included in the party which flies out to South Africa.
They will find no wild-eyed, freaky, religious gook that causes widespread panic - just simple, but very powerful, tools to help kids learn.
They were always trying to get gook from the dinosaurs in my hair, tripping me in the mud, telling me there were snakes around.
PSV Eindhoven midfielder Park scored the fourth goal in Korea's win after Park Ju Young had opened the scoring in the 16th minute and a brace by Lee Dong Gook put the result beyond doubt.
The Koreans rallied after that, however, and with only seconds remaining in the first half the dangerous To Gook beat Wayne Henderson in goal with a fine free-kick.
No one out there wants to see Boro v Fulham in the Far East, unless we hold onto Dong Gook Lee and play in South Korea.
10 Which Manchester United player wiped out Lee Dong Gook for the penalty that wasn't given at Old Trafford?
GEORGE Boateng, Lee Cattermole and Dong Gook Lee are holding a signing session at the MFC Retail store in Captain Cook Square, Middlesbrough, on Thursday (4-5pm).
A gook is a pejorative term referring to a foreigner, particularly a person of Asian descent.