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Synonyms for goggle-eyed

with eyes or mouth open in surprise

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The gossip mags have gone googly-eyed over Shane Warne, who went from bowling overs to makeovers, to get his leg over, bleaching his pearlies for Hurley," News.
And every tennis season, as soon as Queens starts, I revert to my teenaged self, going all googly-eyed at the sight of a particularly well-executed drop shot.
But as looks can often be a heartbreaker's chief attribute, Dolan's googly-eyed two-guys-and-a-girl romantic comedy (the follow-up to his precocious fest hit "I Killed My Mother") does prove an alluring companion for most of its running time.
Transforming cold lumps of pyrite into googly-eyed rockmen, silk scarves into psychedelic masterpieces, and catwalk photography into full-blown comic escapades, Australian design collective Trust Fun has an uncanny knack for finding fashion's funny bone.
It also evokes the quirky aura of Ray Johnson and his googly-eyed bunny mascot.
In a skating discipline where romance often is contrived, these two live it - 24 googly-eyed hours a day.
Supporting player Shaw is a continual hoot as an older woman engorged with and empowered by googly-eyed, giddy first love.
The only animation on our site is a small googly-eyed guy on our home page that we put in to appease the director of marketing.
Even the news has its light side with the googly-eyed News Bunny being a permanent fixture, lurking in the background behind the newsreader and making wild gesticulations as she delivers the news.
com) animated, googly-eyed, buck-toothed puffer fish whose message of tolerance and friendship has won 18 awards, including Dr.
A North African fetish |figure from Bamako, Mali A pair of African wooden fetish figures| A Bru Jeune Celine French fashion doll, circa 1875, is also up for sale with an estimate of PS1,500 - PS2,000 There is also a German Adrian Gebruder Heubach Einco googly-eyed bisque doll, dated from 1913, which could fetch PS2,000 - PS3,000.