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Synonyms for goggle-eyed

with eyes or mouth open in surprise

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Each card in this laugh-out-loud collection features a small googly-eyed icon peeking out from inside the card.
The gossip mags have gone googly-eyed over Shane Warne, who went from bowling overs to makeovers, to get his leg over, bleaching his pearlies for Hurley," News.
Teacher Judith Cawley's second grade class is creating mice from candy canes and felt, Doreen Genna's Grade 6 class is folding origami peace cranes, and Christine McSherry's third graders are making fuzzy-topped, googly-eyed "think pencils.
And every tennis season, as soon as Queens starts, I revert to my teenaged self, going all googly-eyed at the sight of a particularly well-executed drop shot.
IN THE EARLY DAYS OF THE WORLD WIDE WEB, HTML wizards maintained the googly-eyed optimism of people who thought they were changing the world.
With a checklist that ran to twenty-two pages, the exhibition was designed to offer something for everyone (and a few things probably for no one at all, save the artist), including huge Day-Glo paintings and faux hipster T-shirts; face-shuffling silk-screened self-portraits that owe as much to registration errors and Mad Libs as they do to le cadavre exquis; googly-eyed robots constructed from repurposed clocks and flattened cardboard boxes; flea-market chairs wrapped in aluminum tape; screen grabs of a zillion or so Gmail subject lines; walls covered with ink-jet prints of cinnamon rolls and hundreds of pix of Hitleresque lolcats harvested from teh internets.
Transforming cold lumps of pyrite into googly-eyed rockmen, silk scarves into psychedelic masterpieces, and catwalk photography into full-blown comic escapades, Australian design collective Trust Fun has an uncanny knack for finding fashion's funny bone.
In a skating discipline where romance often is contrived, these two live it - 24 googly-eyed hours a day.
Supporting player Shaw is a continual hoot as an older woman engorged with and empowered by googly-eyed, giddy first love.
The only animation on our site is a small googly-eyed guy on our home page that we put in to appease the director of marketing.
com) animated, googly-eyed, buck-toothed puffer fish whose message of tolerance and friendship has won 18 awards, including Dr.
Instead, it's the cute, googly-eyed, indecipherable and mad little Minions that steal the spotlight in the highly-anticipated sequel to the 2010 animation.
Younger visitors, or other creative types, can make and take home their very own googly-eyed stick person made from the free materials on offer.