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a cricket ball bowled as if to break one way that actually breaks in the opposite way

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Glue and then add googly eyes, draw a mouth, add the pipe cleaner nose and draw on some buttons (or you can use the red paper for these).
Shane has the orthodox leg-break, the googly, the flipper, the zooter, the slider and the top-spinner .
SILLY SUNGLASSES: Brighten up a pair of kids' shades with lots of googly eyes
But the supporter in question was bowled a googly or two.
But then they bowled the viewers a googly - by putting it on at 11.
Bradman topped 70 and at the end of the Australian innings the great leg-spinner said to his close friend and captain, Tom Dollery: 'I only tried him with one googly, but I'm not sure he picked it.
It's great to see Capitol building on the early success of Googly with even more promotion behind Radiohead's new CD.
As hard as veteran Shaun Udal tried with the tail thereafter, he faced an impossible task ( and once he had fallen at slip to Mohammad Sami the game was up, Kaneria appropriately finishing things off by bowling Matthew Hoggard with a googly.
Undone by a googly, the lefthander was trapped lbw for a studious 82 from 191 balls with 12 fours.
But Bell then shouldered arms to a googly from Anil Kumble and was bowled for 38.
Then the controversy began as Robinson, the umpire who incensed New Zealand recently with his decisions in Australia, adjudged Hussain leg before to another Kumble googly that appeared to be missing leg-stump.
Finally stick on two googly eyes and draw on a mouth.
BBC chiefs fell for another googly last night when they lost more cricket rights, for a paltry pounds 100,000.
You will need: 1 egg cup cut out from an egg carton 1 inch size pompom Googly eyes Paint Glue Feathers Orange pipecleaner or orange cardboard Method: Paint the egg cup.
ENGLAND cricket captain Nasser Hussain may know how to read a googly, but he can't understand the most obvious political message.