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a cricket ball bowled as if to break one way that actually breaks in the opposite way

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By contrast, you can keep sending down googlies in quick succession.
Where Warne has more variety than the London Palladium - flippers, zooters, top-spinners and googlies - England's twirly king is happy just to land the ball somewhere down the far end.
Kevin Pietersen was caught off his bowling after just three balls and Andrew Flintoff was bowled by one of his googlies.
You may have seen the controversial portrait that showed the Aussie's googlies in a little too much detail for those stuffy MCC members at Lord's.
30pm FORGET bouncers, beamers and googlies - there's only one kind of delivery that Kevin Pietersen's worried about at the moment, writes James Milton.
Better watch out, Kev, she'll be after your googlies.
The 23-year-old bowls legspinners, off-spinners, doosras, googlies, top-spinners and something very mysterious called the carrom ball.
ENGLAND'S batsmen repelled enough of Shane Warne's zooters and sliders to regain the Ashes, only for Danish Kaneria to grab them by the short and googlies here.
Which will be news to his girlfriend, Natalie Pinkham - she'll be after his googlies.