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2 /PRNewswire/ -- On Monday, February 13, Comedian Tryflynn will take center stage at The Friars of Beverly Hills with "Love Goofy Part I," a showcase of love, comedy and music.
Disney's Goofy began his celluloid life as Dippy Dawg, first appearing in the 1932 cartoon Mickey's Revue.
THE EXTRAS: Includes deleted scenes, music video, games, sing a longs, documentaries and even an audio commentary by Mickey, Goofy, Donald and evil Pete.
We also have a runners up prize of Sixth Sense, Doug's First Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie, a Solid Gold set, Bear in the Big Blue House and three Disney classics.
The teen popstar lined up alongside Goofy in Disney World, Florida, in an advert to mark Disney's 28th Christmas Day parade TV special.
Donald and Goofy attempt to join in the fun, resulting in mishaps.
It was goofy enough for county and city leaders to jump on the anti-trans fat bandwagon, considering that the public's health-consciousness has already prompted food manufacturers and fast-food restaurants to start using alternatives.
An underworld source said: "The police had information that Goofy had been in a fight with The Bear.
Next year, it'll be High Times for the regs and The Source to rep the goofy.
Musing on camera to his diary about his refusal to be "18 and a has-been," Loud radiates goofy star quality.
Since his skin is rubber, Plastic Man is naturally a master of disguise, and he uses his powers with the sort of goofy logic ten-year-old boys love--chasing a getaway car as a giant red kangaroo, soaring through the sky as a hot-air blimp, and disguising himself as a stained glass window.
He's been at it since the '60s, this meticulous yet goofy rearticulation of the figure into brightly painted flat pattern, performing a tour de force intermingling of comic relief and careful construction.
Veterinarians may at last have found the cause of a mysterious and sometimes fatal disorder that turns big birds into fuddled wrecks with an odd stance, a goofy walk, and a tendency to shake their heads.
We've teamed up with Disney to give every reader the chance to see their latest animated blockbuster A Goofy Movie absolutely FREE