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Synonyms for goof

Synonyms for goof

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior

commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake

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There's a pounds 50 prize for this year's gold medal goof so keep 'em coming.
Spray Goof Off([R]) Heavy Duty directly on the problem.
com to Provide Helpful Tips and Tricks for Removing Everyday Goofs to Major Oops
That Mann, backed by a four-piece band, had a few goofs isn't totally surprising.
The Two Towers has come under intense scrutiny from Tolkien lovers who have listed the goofs on movie-mistakes.
For Burn, Bahr puts on a jacket festooned with American flag pins, and unleashes a round of vocal goofs that can only be Dubya inspired.
This past year was chock-full of unusually wacky, not to mention hilarious, goofs and gaffes," said Josh Quittner, editor of Business 2.
Those additional channels featured on the home page are: Art & Culture (book and media reviews); Bad Ideas (disasters, goofs, failures); Good Ideas (best practices, how-tos, ingenious initiatives); Futurescapes (predications for the future); Social Trends (developments in health, privacy, gender/race/economic issues); Talking Heads (interviews and opinions); and Weird Science (funny, strange, odd inventions).
From the inspired high-energy music soundtrack to the antics of one of Disney's most beloved characters, this movie proves that two Goofs are better than one.
Photo: Lee Alpert, left, recipient of the Fernando Award, goofs around Friday with new Fernando Award Foundation President Thomas Soule and outgoing President Irwin Rosenberg, right, as Alpert's wife, Arlene, watches.
The comprehensive site includes exhaustive cast and crew listings, reviews, goofs and links to official and unofficial sites.
Goofs are relatively easy to erase when one works with a latex (water-based) instead of an oil-based paint.