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Synonyms for goof

Synonyms for goof

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior

commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake

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Rowboats on a misty morning, hay bales in the barn, and goofing around with little brother on the swing that grandpa built are just a few of the images that capture rural America.
The campaign's TV commercials feature politicians either dawdling or goofing off in their chambers, defying California's constitutional deadline for an on-time budget.
Van der Stokker's fudging of numbers is akin to her goofing in a recent interview, in which this champion of beauty-as-banality, this unabashed promoter of prettiness, claimed she now wants "to put more ugliness in the world, because beauty doesn't work and maybe has had its time.
They go the extra mile to ensure you're having as good a time as they are, teasing, joking, goofing around with you, and showing you where everything is, the way a good host shows you around his house.
I want to have fun too, but freshman year, everyone was kind of goofing around a little bit too much,'' Blackwell said.
In the photograph, a double exposure with panoramic illusions, are several ripe-looking Latino kids goofing around a public pool in bathing suits or trunks and towels.
About the only time I come close to that goofy John Laroche quality is when the doors are shut and I'm just goofing off with my wife or my brother.
TeraMedia and Ingenius are developing Time Blazers in Cyberspace to ultimately provide a host of activities and information areas including virtual trips to NASA headquarters; the actual Devils Canyon dig site; Keystroke Kids, a chat area for online Time Blazers; Goofing Off, a fun-filled area with games, jokes and puzzles; The Hall of Fame, an area featuring real-life heroes; and No Kids Allowed, an information area for adults.
Our volunteers will be prepared to answer almost any question, be supportive and help these kids out, even if the kids are just goofing off.
We weren't goofing off,'' said senior Earl Bagwell, one of 27 students on the Lancaster High robotics team.
I almost had to kick Chris and Ramiro off the team for goofing around.
They were goofing around,'' said Highland coach Vince Burton.
The evening's other memorable moments came courtesy of Offspring, who kept the goofing around to a minimum, aside from an opening gambit that involved two pairs of little people dressed in s&m gear for a dance routine to cover versions of Soft Cell's ``Sex Dwarf'' and Devo's ``Whip It.
Mother Paula, dismissing the wall-punching incident as ``just Travis goofing off,'' believed not playing baseball made a big difference in her son's outlook.