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Synonyms for goof

Synonyms for goof

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior

commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake

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Actually, goofing off and acting nobly are not mutually exclusive.
He added: "Of course he was goofing around - because he was Goofy
Goofing occurs when a student craves attention and is not getting it.
The most basic factor that governs the likelihood of students goofing off in your classroom is their physical distance from your body.
While some of the activities are fun, this is not about goofing off, but about, well, serious fun.
When a wasp bites nestmates, is it sending a message that translates roughly as "Stop goofing around and do some work"?
Everything kids say is being taken seriously these days, like there is no longer any room for goofing around.
The reigning champion of our largest hardwood species can inspire some regal goofing off.
The new Goof Off([R]) website aims to share valuable tips and tricks on cleaning what ordinary household cleaners can't, so more time can be spent goofing off instead of tackling household messes.
There are people out there that have twits since 2007, I only got started goofing off on it in January and really, I don't know how much longer I'm gonna do it for.
I was giggling and goofing off in the pool with my BFF.
He got to goofing around in the lane,'' Ellis said of Declan's Moon, who ran his first two-turn race.
Here, Mikhailov and his wife and longtime collaborator, Vita, are pictured in a Berlin park goofing with a soccer ball (pretending to give birth to it, or swallow it, and corralling other parkgoers to do similarly absurd things with it).
National Goof-Off Day is an appropriately goofy holiday on which observers are reminded to sit back, relax and spend time goofing off.
What had been dimly perceptible as activity within the building now becomes a central focus, as the camera steadily and inexorably pans upward and inward toward the window of one room, in which three teenage boys are engaged in relatively benign juvenile delinquency--tossing stuff about, lighting a cigarette, goofing with skateboards, shattering already broken windows, and so on.