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Another way goofiness may promote creativity is by muting your inner, creativity-squelching critic.
The revelation is British star Poulter, who melds sweetness, vulnerability and goofiness to winning effect.
One wonders if it will have the same je ne sais quoi of giggle-worthy goofiness this time around.
Maybe you're one of those people who have a gift for goofiness.
That said, stability in government does not by any means suggest that it will be immune from just plain goofiness.
She reveals more quirky charm than her SNL caricatures can offer, but still allows her patented brand of inspired goofiness to shine through ever-so-slightly.
In recent years, the one bet I've been making with certainty--besides the wager that Sarah Palin's goofiness will continue to entertain America--is that the designers of the new memorial to Martin Luther King Jr.
My feet, with their gap-toed goofiness, didn't fare much better.
And Jerry's trademarked Governor Moonbeam goofiness was seen as authenticity against Whitman's Ice Queen persona.
Others tap into the essential goofiness of balloon twisting.
As for its ruddy, brownish color, I do not believe I have ever seen that specific hue adorning the facade of a building before, and to see it in Morningside Heights is to understand why: it is too glaring to accommodate any pre-existing context, and yet too subdued to achieve the sort of Gehryesque goofiness that might serve as its own justification.
In the limited dialogue he is given in the film, he enunciates with the heavy-tongued goofiness of a teenager on amphetamines.
This insanely clever novel from the author of the best-selling Thursday Next series sounds like a cult classic for people who crave a rich brew of dystopic fantasy and deadpan goofiness.
An eclectic mix of standards ("Hoochie Coochie Man," "Whipping Post"), such rock classics as the Rolling Stones' "Stop Breaking Down," the Beatles' "Come Together," Cream's "White Room" and even CSNY's "Teach Your Children" and playful goofiness ("Santa, Bring My Baby Back to Me"), the album spotlights Healey's extraordinary ability to invoke familiar sounds while making every song uniquely his own.
Aging grants us license for just the sort of goofiness and eccentricity that can flourish once we no longer need to impress or control anybody.