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The story gets preposterously, almost goofily violent, like any good comic book, but author Sarai Walker is careful to put the gory deeds in the hands of peripheral characters who really, really, really have airtight reasons to do them.
There's even a goofily obnoxious cousin, played by comedian Gabriel Iglesias.
It was rather a rare sight to see the father-son duo of Mulayam and Akhilesh sit next to each other and goofily grin from ear to ear as Kapil Sharma shared a crude joke or Madhuri sensuously swayed to Gulzar's rendition of Begum Akhter's popular Thumri: Hamri atariya pe ja re sanwariya Dekha-dekhi tanik hoi jye (Come over, my love, to the roof so we can steal a moment together).
Flouting the rules of how a painting should behave, he composed figures whose arms or neckties dangle goofily out of frames, and frames that show off their unfinished backsides instead of their fronts.
I deserved to be fired," Farenthold grinned goofily.
He peeled the gum from beneath his desk and popped into his mouth, grinning goofily at the on-- lookers.
The calendar features 2008 presidential candidate John McCain and Kentucky Senate-hopeful Rand Paul, both goofily covering their crotches; Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, naked and in a creature-like pose with clawed hands; Massachusetts Sen.
The 6ft 9in ace-monster was caught goofily dancing around to Gaga's new hit Alejandro.
Any great romance should make you smile goofily as much as possible.
And there were pictures of the dog as well, frisking with toys, or splayed out goofily in the grass.
It's marked by a brass plaque where visitors photograph one another posing goofily with body parts stretched into each state.
As Arianwyn, Gareth Huw John managed to be both lovelorn and wistful in his tenor arias and goofily comic when this was required of him.
Whether Chad is dancing goofily to music from his MP3 player or attempting to conceal his identity on the telephone, we cannot help but chuckle at his comical misadventures.