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WHEN we play Sheffield United tomorrow lunchtime I'll be looking a bit goofier and blonder than usual as I had another of my teeth done and my hair highlighted on Thursday.
Video montages showcased his life and career -- his highlights and even his goofier moments.
And you couldn't ask Hollywood to serve up a goofier selection of dorks than his neocon staffers, who drifted from the universities to D.
I'm watching my son get goofier by the day, and I love it
gt;In a nutshell: Nicely shot comedy about two mismatched English boys bonding over a homemade action film is a charming salute to goofy kid creativity and goofier '80s pop culture.
Like a goofier, less bilious Antonin Artaud, Cameron Jamie locates trauma emerging from unacknowledged forms of social theater by zooming in on subcultures in his native San Fernando Valley and elsewhere.
Their jobs, for example, think how perfect they are: What is goofier, more absurdly bohemian than puppeteer?
And nothing is goofier than trying to make sense out of tax policy.
But the goofier gags hit the mark; Berke's attempts to find a new girlfriend are very funny, particularly the dinner date with a gorgeous but notoriously accident-prone New Zealander, which results in a Japanese restaurant going up in flames when she asks for more tea.
He is not a native of Texas, but of Alabama, where the politics are even goofier.