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And nothing is goofier than trying to make sense out of tax policy.
But the goofier gags hit the mark; Berke's attempts to find a new girlfriend are very funny, particularly the dinner date with a gorgeous but notoriously accident-prone New Zealander, which results in a Japanese restaurant going up in flames when she asks for more tea.
He is not a native of Texas, but of Alabama, where the politics are even goofier.
When staged scenes burst from the narrative, shining with the light of cinematographer Dick Pope, you might think the gold-leaf heaven of religious painters had been proved to exist, and was much goofier than promised.
But he settled on a goofier, more bottom-heavy version.
These last nine months have been goofier than a hoot owl," concluded Phil Uihlein, president of U-Line Corp.
In October he might become an even goofier parent when he and Nicole add another branch to their family tree.
Despite the demands of caregiving, Scott finds time to bond with other women in her neighborhood through a group she created called the Happy Hatters Club, which is loosely based on the Red Hat Club, but, as Scott says, "is much goofier.
It sounds a bit like Paul was the creative spark, Stan the organiser -- which would certainly chime with his persona, from his geeky appearance in the Housemartins (he was the thin, gormless-looking one with enormous horn-rimmed glasses, like a goofier Elvis Costello) to the fact that he didn't just write songs and play guitar but also managed the band, sorting out the contracts and legal minutiae.
The setup initially appears goofier than the Woody Allen movie of the same name: A very grave-looking actor hands a couple (in the premiere, a pair of brothers; in episode two, a husband and wife) a briefcase containing the cash, then directs them to a car with a GPS locator.
The Coens admit that the bleakly austere "No Country," an adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's challenging, depressive novel, was a departure from their usual goofier way of doing things.
In Almada's case the band bypasses the self-conscious aspects of emo tunes and is willing to get goofier than its peers playing a garage-rock brand of pop.
Paris de Jugement le and/or State of the Arts, 2003, plays the same game but in a goofier key.
As for the bibliographer, in bygone days most often a scholar-librarian with academic credentials the equal of any professor, he or she has been rechristened the "collection development" librarian or "subject specialist" and is expected to "network" and elaborate ever goofier and more unworkable schemes of "resource sharing.
Goofier still is his insistence that a sicko he's pursuing attacks women because "he's confused about his sexuality.