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Synonyms for goofball

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior

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He's very charming and funny, and has got a really great goofball sense of humour.
I never reviled Diddy as a Cristal-spilling goofball or the enemy of all rap realness; instead, I had No Way Out on constant car stereo rotation alongside Ruff Ryders, Wyclef, Master P and everyone else who was cranking out radio jams in the late '90s.
The performance may surprise some Carrey fans, who have come to know the comic actor through his slapstick comedies and goofball antics.
Patric is a hoot as the pantomime villain, while Short and Evans monopolise the belly laughs, the latter playing up to his image as a goofball in scenes such as the one when Jensen gets caught with his trousers down by four women in a lift.
Eisenberg's droll scaredy-cat is a wonderful comic foil for Harrelson's goofball avenger, who is so moved at one point he confides: "I haven't cried like that since Titanic.
It is all flannel, 24/7 flannel, and Hannan MEP is not the one-off goofball they are hoping to make him out to be.
High school outsider and self-possessed goofball Juno (Ellen Page) is impetuous and disarmingly sardonic.
Samberg plays a goofball teenager with the dream of being a stunt man.
Which is why you might have paid US$1,000 for that business trip to Rio while the vacationing goofball next to you paid $100.
But those who don't like the goofball Carrey, and prefer him in more subtle films like The Truman Show, may well be delighted by its quirkiness.
Mining from the black-and-white romantic and the goofball fringes of early performance, Perlman--who also, in the two animated videos that accompanied these photos, unfortunately slips into a not-so-interesting midlife (adolescent?
Television was filled with commercials about goofball slackers making fortunes via electronic trading.
Milbank lists some of the Bushisms-"terriers and bariffs" instead of "tariffs and barriers"--that made him a late-night comedy hit and led some critics to regard him as an amiable, thoughtless goofball.
John plays goofball Jonathan Carnahan in new adventure film The Mummy Returns alongside the likes of beautiful actresses Rachel Weisz, Donna Air and Patricia Velasquez.
The lab nickname for her robot, the fembot, came from the scantily clad, electronic beauties that fooled espionage goofball Austin Powers in The Spy Who Shagged Me.