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Synonyms for goof-proof

proof against human misuse or error

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Bold Eyeliner: Black liner instantly glams up eyes - plus, it's practically goof-proof.
Bunny boilers, bum-fluff, wedgie, get real, loosey-goosey and goof-proof are all slang terms given an explanation.
A spring-blooming bulb, much like daffodils, crocuses and irises, tulips are fairly goof-proof but require a little more effort in the San Fernando Valley because winter comes so late - if at all.
Actiontec's breakthrough installation system includes an automated setup wizard, color-coded ports and cables, and on-screen pictorial guides that offer a goof-proof means of establishing shared DSL or Cable Internet access even for the least technical user.
They're less sweet and less complicated--really goof-proof
Molding (it's moulding in Great Britain) is a form of finishing work that's a hot ticket this year in decorating magazines - and also home improvement stores, where the wood strips are sold by the foot or in goof-proof kits, according to Holly Frommelt, national decorating consultant for Home Depot stores.