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Synonyms for goof

Synonyms for goof

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior

commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake

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Miracle Remover Tip #2 - Removing Decal and Stickers Adhesive The easiest, quickest and safest method to remove adhesive residue from a decal or sticker from just about any surface is to spray on Goof Off([R])Heavy Duty, let it dissolve the decal and residue and then wipe it away.
To celebrate National Goof Off Day, we are pleased to offer 20% off and free shipping for all orders placed today on our website.
We especially like this goof because we salute anyone who would rather take apart a doorway than dismantle a newly built project.
The goof is not that they didn't use thick-enough paper on the seal to cover the cross.
A national survey conducted in advance of the March 22 National Goof-Off Day finds that playing video games ranks highest among the ways young men like to goof off and spend their time.
That seemingly minor goof, like a typo in an otherwise clean manuscript, results in a souped-up Factor V.
An even bigger problem than the audience's dry eyes in ``Aquatic's'' final act is the film's failure to clearly delineate between what's real and what's a goof.
But in contrast to the human goof -- upside-down insertion of a precision measuring tool into an optical system that guided mirror grinding -- the flawed construction of that measuring tool alone would have likely resulted in a defective primary mirror, says Roger Angel, a panel member and a telescope-mirror designer at the University of Arizona in Tucson.
The movie feels like what is - an unscripted goof, cobbled together in the editing room.
The girls are resourceful, caring, and courageous while still being teenagers who make mistakes, laugh too loud, get crushes, and just plain goof up.
With Caltech's Richard Feynman a few seasons back in ``QED,'' Davidson faced the opposite problem: The character came off as a folksy goof.
Title 7:00 AM Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Ghost of a Chance 7:30 AM DuckTales Hotel Strangeduck 8:00 AM New Adventures of Winnie Pooh Monster Frankenpooh 8:30 AM Goof Troop Hallow-Weenies 9:00 AM TaleSpin In Search of Ancient Blunders 9:30 AM DuckTales Ducky Horror Picture Show 10:00 AM Darkwing Duck Dead Duck 10:30 AM Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Good Times, Bat Times 11:00 AM Quack Pack The Boy Who Cried Ghost 11:30 AM Goof Troop Frankengoof 12:00 PM Darkwing Duck The Haunting of Mr.
Mad Mad House'' is an over-the-top goof in the form of a provocation, a prank, or both.
Hilton and Richie goof on the family (``What is Wal-Mart?