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Synonyms for goof

Synonyms for goof

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior

commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake

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Atlanta's product line, particularly Goof Off, is well-known and respected in its distribution channels and target markets.
And a prime choice for guys who goof off, at home, on the go or anytime they choose, is the No.
The Goof Off([R]) website covers topics such as adhesive removal, removing coffee stains, crayon stains, nail polish, candle wax, stickers, markers, lipstick, wine, makeup stains, grease, tar, latex paint spills , and all sorts of messes from clothing, carpet, walls and more.
SOME quality goofs from Athens so far, especially from the weightlifting where the air has been thick with Dougie Donnelly's cries of "What a lifter
If we wanted to be a goof, we would have made a more effective goof," Smith assures us.
For over a quarter of a century, Goof Off([R])has been selling a number of products designed to help consumers eliminate messy mistakes that would otherwise ruin their belongings.
While referring to the CBI's action to suspend and transfer some officials responsible for the goof up, he said responsibility has been fixed and action has been taken.
It's no surprise that people have been sneaking in time to goof off for years, but few realized it could actually be good for them.
If you goof up you have to keep going, which does create some anxiety when you're waiting for the film to come back from the lab.
Rue La La's new Goof Proof Gifting program removes the uncertainty of shopping for gifts online, reassuring gift-givers that purchases can easily be returned if they aren't the perfect fit.
The girls are resourceful, caring, and courageous while still being teenagers who make mistakes, laugh too loud, get crushes, and just plain goof up.
Title 7:00 AM Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Ghost of a Chance 7:30 AM DuckTales Hotel Strangeduck 8:00 AM New Adventures of Winnie Pooh Monster Frankenpooh 8:30 AM Goof Troop Hallow-Weenies 9:00 AM TaleSpin In Search of Ancient Blunders 9:30 AM DuckTales Ducky Horror Picture Show 10:00 AM Darkwing Duck Dead Duck 10:30 AM Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Good Times, Bat Times 11:00 AM Quack Pack The Boy Who Cried Ghost 11:30 AM Goof Troop Frankengoof 12:00 PM Darkwing Duck The Haunting of Mr.
Hilton and Richie goof on the family (``What is Wal-Mart?
IMDB also answers questions about bios, release dates, movie reviews, on-screen goofs, and everything else that could keep you up at night.
This past year was chock-full of unusually wacky, not to mention hilarious, goofs and gaffes," said Josh Quittner, editor of Business 2.