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Synonyms for goody-goody

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a person who behaves extremely well in order to please a superior

affectedly or smugly good or self-righteous

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And while the characters do seem a bit too goody-goody at times, the plot makes it well worthwhile.
I have some goody-goody friends who are really nice, but we don't have anything in common.
As debuts go, this was a little simplistic in terms of the goody-goody nature of the newcomer who has to fight for a fair hearing from the outset and comes up trumps on his first try.
It's not a goody-goody, tweet-tweet, angel spirituality at all, because in the life that we lead, everything is part of it--the obstacles, the disappointments, the dark side.
Account-level data from Spirits Unlimited, Goody-Goody and additional retailers will be available soon through LiquorScan.
Until now she has maintained a goody-goody girl image in Hollywood, but in this movie she swears, cracks dirty jokes and tries to blackmail her colleague into sleeping with her.
The Arsenal academics have often presented a goody-goody image that has been easy to overcome.
Fearne is not being a goody-goody, she reveals in the latest issue of Company mag.
Highmore is assured as Charlie but perhaps too goody-goody.
premise and some appalling "supporting" characters, including the goody-goody young parents who live down the road and a colleague of Gary's who seems to think he's Mick Jagger.
And that's just Katy Bartrop, who doubles her angelic goody-goody Narrator with a foxy weasel.
People probably had pre- conceived ideas of what I'd be like - a snotty, goody-goody Songs of Praise presenter who used to be a toffee-nosed choir boy.
He's ditched the goody-goody image to play a ruthless hitman with five contracts to carry out in one night.
Nice guys portrayed in the best possible light, like goody-goody Derek on EastEnders.