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Synonyms for goody-goody

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a person who behaves extremely well in order to please a superior

affectedly or smugly good or self-righteous

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At the conclusion of Goody Two-Shoes, Margery reflects: "Ah, said I, why did I long for riches.
The EastEnders actress has finished filming the role of goody two-shoes Libby Fox after four years in the show, and now fancies a less wholesome part.
Quote: "There's a rumour going around that I'm Miss Goody Two-shoes from Australia.
EMMA Watson really is as much of a goody two-shoes as Hermione, her Harry Potter character.
With its open-eyed gaze at aspects of nature that don't dance in goody two-shoes, some tots watch it stiff with fright.
This shiny-faced teen idol of the duck-and-cover years was such a goody two-shoes you had to hate him on principle alone.
Childhood heroes and heroines from Thunderbirds to Shrek and Bagpuss are not the goody two-shoes we have been led to believe.
Zoe, the goody two-shoes of the three, gets into a strange relationship with a teacher, who is also the mentor for an evangelical Christian group.
Evidence that, like Sandy in Grease, he has suddenly transmogriphied from a goody two-shoes bible basher to a suave, sophisticated sex-machine is in extremely short supply.
I'm not saying I'm a goody two-shoes because I'm not.
The tale of Goody Two-Shoes suggests the opportunities and boundaries of female agency - a tale read by rising generations of middling girls.
But even Hegel pointed out that Spirit is no goody two-shoes engaging only in wholesome relations--a stranger to the lesser human feelings who invalidates them or virtuosically projects them onto external objects and blows them up like faux dinosaurs in a Steven Spielberg blockbuster.
Well, pardon me for being a Goody Two-Shoes, but I'm not guilty of any of those.