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SOCRATES: But if the good are not by nature good, are they made good by instruction?
In the first place, he is the son of a wealthy and wise father, Anthemion, who acquired his wealth, not by accident or gift, like Ismenias the Theban (who has recently made himself as rich as Polycrates), but by his own skill and industry, and who is a well- conditioned, modest man, not insolent, or overbearing, or annoying; moreover, this son of his has received a good education, as the Athenian people certainly appear to think, for they choose him to fill the highest offices.
I will give you twenty marks a year, above your living, and three good suits of clothes.
Then Reynold turned him about to the crowd and shouted: "Hark ye, good people, I have entered the Sheriff's service, and need not the yoke of steers for prize.
Then he who is a good keeper of anything is also a good thief?
Then if the just man is good at keeping money, he is good at stealing it.
Taking the hook again, Good scratched all round the crack where we felt the air coming up.
Sir Henry put out all his enormous strength, and Good and I did the same, with such power as nature had given us.
It was not always so; when I lived with my first master I always went a good regular trot, but then he was not in such a hurry.
He cared nothing about good horses or good driving; he only cared for going fast.
I'll hold the best of you twenty marks," quoth bold Robin, "that I hit the clout at threescore rods, by the good help of Our Lady fair.
And well thou knowest that no target is nigh to make good thy wager.
I told you I promised my good Fairy to behave myself, and I am going to keep my word.
When night cometh, then take I good care not to summon sleep.
Good sleep they sought for themselves, and poppy-head virtues to promote it!