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Goodness knows what corner store prude, Norris Cole, would make of it.
Bussed in from goodness knows where, a large crowd were spouting their hate-filled politics, in celebration of St George's Day.
I am in phase three of the Gresham demolition programme: phase one has already been divided into two further phases, so goodness knows when my turn will come.
Goodness knows what effect they have on patients in ambulances being bounced around over the things.
Goodness knows what I was thinking about but we were soon giggling about it.
He added: "It was enjoyable making the documentary but goodness knows how people, especially the elderly and young mothers, manage with public transport.
when there are homeless families, gang slayings and goodness knows all the important things that even half that money could have helped.
Goodness knows just how many pupils he has helped across the highway since beginning his role at Our Lady and St Rose Of Lima Catholic School in Weoley Castle nearly 14 years ago.
Goodness knows how much the latest report has cost - as it's something we've have all known for years.
Tears, snot and goodness knows what else roll down her cheeks in Anthony Minghella's much-loved drama about a woman learning to cope with the death of her boyfriend.
Only once in the last 10 years has the title race gone down to the wire so goodness knows who advised Hills to go 5-4 - I'm guessing Ladbrokes.
These children may spend weeks in intensive care, but are still allowed to go home with their addict parents to goodness knows what.
Goodness knows, it would be better than some of the programmes put out on ITV 2, 3 and 4, which are all repeats.
However, Malinga is often too quick for batsmen of genuine of international class so goodness knows how Bermuda's willowwielders, who collapsed to 45 all out against England in a warmup, will fare.
Goodness knows what the Cheltenham Literature Festival will think about it, though.