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Synonyms for goodhearted

characterized by kindness and concern for others

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We could see parents using this book to help their children understand how truly blessed they are with their Busy Brains and that they are Genuinely Goodhearted and are Knowledgeable Kids.
There was one editor, a gruff but goodhearted old-timer right out of central casting, who had taken on the task of educating the "newbies" in the finer points of newspaper editing.
Nevertheless, if YA readers like fantasy, seeing dead people, and goodhearted strangers, this book is for them.
Lou (Michelle Wolff), a goodhearted boy-girl, is in love with Sassafras (Daniele Ferraro), who thinks they're just friends.
Think: Multiple Emmy-winner John Larroquette stars as a colorfully goodhearted cop-turned-attorney who takes only the toughest cases.
He then urges Bush to claim that the Iraq War is the equivalent of the Battle of Midway so those goodhearted people don't defect.
A special mention in the same category went to Deborah Day's Expecting, a goodhearted ensemble comedy about a group of friends who gather to participate in a buddy's childbirth.