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3--ran in SIMI and CONEJO) Kimberly Chierichetti says her final goodbye to Geisha at a Topanga Canyon kennel as brother Joey and her father, holding the family's new Labrador puppy, offer their sympathy.
The Stokes Canyon neighbors stand on streets covered with fire hoses and ashes, waving goodbye to weary men whose names they do not know, but who mean more to them right now than just about anybody else in their lives.
Mir commander Valery Korzun said: ``Not only are we saying goodbye to a colleague but to a very fine person.
But as I traced the cross I remembered other times I had touched this friend--the handshake at our meeting, an embrace at the sign of peace, a final goodbye the last time I saw him.
Kelvim Escobar, who will have surgery this week, told teammates goodbye Sunday.
The commissioning of an enquiry into the allowances to county councillors looks like a veiled way of awarding huge pay increases while the golden goodbyes are undemocratic lump sum payments.
We want to share your goodbyes and memories as you prepare to leave the class of 2003.
Now it's time to say thank you and goodbye to all the privates, corporals and sergeants.
uk/classof2003 and leave your message on our Class of 2003 Leavers' Board where you can view other goodbyes.
Praying together as a family helped Hansen, now 50, say goodbye to her dad.
Her dad and I said our goodbyes to Jesse and told her to fight hard because Mike and I would be fighting very hard for her on the other end,'' she said.
uk/ classof 2003 and leave your message on our Class of 2003 Leavers' Board where you can view other goodbyes.
She's proud of her four sons, Kay said - proud that they all want to be standing there with her when she says her formal goodbyes to the young lieutenant who never got a chance to be their father.
FAMILIES waved tearful goodbyes to Territorial Army soldiers as they left Coventry to spend ten months in Iraq.
As Quinn said his goodbyes Friday, Rodriguez was continuing his round of hellos.