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a disposition to be friendly and helpful to neighbors

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China stands to work with ASEAN to pursue good-neighborliness and friendship, strengthen solidarity and mutual assistance and realize development, to make greater contribution to peace.
Good-neighborliness as part of the criteria for membership so that we can be part of the same family.
Yang said Wen's visits have enhanced the two-way strategic partnerships with India and Pakistan, which presented China as a responsible country committed to good-neighborliness, unity and ooperation with its neighbors.
A statement by the Foreign Ministry said, "Turkey and Armenia together with Switzerland as mediator, have been working intensively with a view to normalizing their bilateral relations and developing them in a spirit of a good-neighborliness, and mutual respect, and thus to promoting peace, security and stability in the whole region.
The development of bilateral relations and the national interests of the both countries is based on the centuries-old traditions of friendship and good-neighborliness of Kyrgyz and Tajik peoples," Kyrgyz official said.
Ninety-five percent of the text of the good-neighborliness agreement between Macedonia and Bulgaria has been agreed upon.
Within the framework of ensuring security and stability in the region and stressing the promotion of good-neighborliness among states of the region, especially between the Republics of the Sudan and Southern Sudan, the OIC General Secretariat condemned the attempted coup which took place yesterday morning in the Republic of Southern Sudan," the Secretariat said in a press statement.
Following Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki's address at the Committee, some of them said they could not let Macedonia join the EU unless an agreement on good-neighborliness was signed first considering Macedonia's territorial claims would case the Union a problem.
Salehi touched on good-neighborliness and the joint committees formed between the two friendly countries, affirming that his country welcomes any collective and regional joint action that serves the interest of all countries in the region, describing the Sultanate as "the Historic Friend" to Iran as there is a special place for the Sultanate in the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Foreign Minister Poposki underlined on that occasion that the principle of including all countries from the region in these Initiatives, determining the regional interest of fast integration into the European Union and promoting the concept of a single, progressive and regional memory of good-neighborliness and cooperation were on the agenda of events planned to be undertaken in the course of 2013.
Russia's Vladimir Putin and President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev have signed an agreement on good-neighborliness and alliance in XXI century.
We expect Macedonia to meet all the membership criteria including the principle of good-neighborliness," Naidenov said, adding that the principle of good-neighborliness does not include events that twist historical facts and create an anti-Bulgarian climate in the region and that the signing of an agreement of good-neighborliness and cooperation remains to be the fundamental priority and condition for development of bilateral relations and for Bulgaria's support for Macedonia's integration.
In a message to the conference, Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow said the issue of Caspian Sea is on the agenda of the country's foreign policy which is based on good-neighborliness, mutual respect and equal rights in making use of this natural resource.
Underlining that relations between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Greece should be built based on good-neighborliness, President Ivanov stressed: "We wish to be more than neighbors.
He added: "Syria didn't threaten at any time the Turkish borders because we consider them as borders of friendship and good-neighborliness," expressing Syria's concern over Erdogan's threats to bring the NATO to protect his borders with Syria.