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He bobbed his tail good-naturedly and friendly, and growled ferociously and friendly; but the keenness of the drunkenness of the mate discerned the difference and aroused in him, vaguely, the intuition of difference, of play-acting, of cheating.
I saw you were in uncertainty about me," said Levin, smiling good-naturedly, "but I made haste to plunge into intellectual conversation to smooth over the defects of my attire.
You have only to command," the Prince assured him good-naturedly.
We had been squabbling good-naturedly over which one of us would have to sit shotgun, and as I claimed the rear cargo area with triumph, I leaned over the front seat and smiled.
Compared to a series of animals as he tries to get a grip on the day, this disorganised parent battles good-naturedly through the morning routine and then accepts no half-measures as he throws himself into after-school activities.
Summary: If it were all cut and dried with nothing to weave stories around or argue good-naturedly about because we already knew the sex of the coming child, we would have had none of those discussions and mock fights
But the image of a godless institution was softened somehow when Father Gough celebrated Mass there and good-naturedly complained, 'There were so many receiving Holy Communion my back was breaking.
The huskies laughed good-naturedly at Jasper trying to fit into their harnesses and pull the heavy sled.
In many ways, these iconic characters are the ultimate embodiment of all laundry detergent's ability to fight tough kid stains, as many moms good-naturedly admit that their kids can be little Pig-Pens.
Before and during the game, rival fans mingled good-naturedly.
He was greeted by a gathering of fans, who bombarded him with requests for selfies and autographs and as he good-naturedly complied, a traffic warden quietly placed a parking ticket on his windscreen.
Both players good-naturedly claimed to win most of their battles, and as close as this final was, 21-20, 21-19, they could be forgiven for having an issue with remembering the usual outcome.
During a debate in the 2008 New Hampshire presidential primary campaign, which Clinton won contrary to predictions of pollsters, she good-naturedly responded to a question about her "personality deficit," then conceded Obama was "very likable.
Transparent: Consider Amazon Studio's "Transparent" as a family comedy -- the Pfeffermans bicker and squabble and good-naturedly torture each other, in that way that only loved ones can
ILOOK forward to the day when I gather my grandchildren around my feet, as I sit good-naturedly in my rocking chair, and enthral them with stories of the past.