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Synonyms for good-natured

Synonyms for good-natured

Antonyms for good-natured

having an easygoing and cheerful disposition

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Since returning to work, Cantrell has taken a bit of good-natured ribbing from his employer.
The attraction is instantaneous, the only trouble being that Margot is already married to the good-natured but emotionally crippled Lou (Rogen).
GARETH Southgate does not have a problem with good-natured banter inside football grounds in the wake of Sol Campbell's accusations of abuse.
Baroness Warsi said: "Everyone was impressed by her good-natured, calm response to the nightmare she found herself in.
Hyman, a one-time ladies' man now married to a good-natured chatterbox (Janet Wood) to be both middleman and -- this being set before psychoanalysis was fashionable -- interpreter.
Not so this wide-ranging and good-natured personality piece, though, which will be enjoyed even by those who don't particularly care about sports.
But in Christopher Brain's too-gentle new novel, frustrated playwrights, cutting critics, and self-absorbed actors inspire only empathy and good-natured ribbing from the author of Father of Frankenstein the novel on gay director James Whale that became the Oscar-winning film Gods and Monsters.
The lobby of the Ethnic Dance Festival at intermission looks something like a good-natured United Nations gathering, as dancers and viewers, wearing anything from saris to jeans, mingle.
We dispatched experts to Florida and Louisiana to sort through the good-natured rivalry over who should hold the title of National Champion Baldcypress: Louisiana's reigning champ, the Cat Island baldcypress, a monster truck of a tree, or Florida's regal Senator, a towering symbol of state arboreal pride.
She did so for a good five minutes before quitting the stage to good-natured applause from a bemused concert audience that, admittedly, included a sprinkling of enthusiastic art-world well-wishers.
30pm and police said the crowd was generally good-natured.
The consequence of this line of reasoning is that a large portion of what we have come to consider as essential for reconstructing Michelangelo's life has been threatened virtually to the point of elimination by Barolsky's always good-natured analysis.
White classic novel is the enduring story of Wilbur, a good-natured piglet who is adopted as a pet by Fern.
To accomplish the latter goal, he hires a good-natured private investigator whose personal life, for some reason, becomes part of the movie -- to set up surveillance outside the MPAA's Encino headquarters.
But the good-natured banter clearly was not enough to put one member of the side off from going there.