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Synonyms for good-natured

Synonyms for good-natured

Antonyms for good-natured

having an easygoing and cheerful disposition

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Collection Agency good-natured and coercive amounts related to contributions and concessions due to the Consortium of the Rhenish Reclamation for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019.
It's testament to the honesty and good-natured spirit that pervades the vast majority of people in Merseyside.
I have nothing but praise for the good-natured behaviour of those who took part.
You could see they were treating it as good-natured banter.
The good-natured party band Reel Big Fish -- Scott Klopfenstein, left, Ryland Steen, Aaron Barrett, John Christianson, Matt Wong and Dan Regan -- keeps its spirited sound going because ``it's wacky and silly and has a lot of energy to burn,'' Barrett says.
Envy (jealousy)--A good-natured roll-in barge on friends is one thing.
I despise good-natured old Ratty in 'The Wind in the Willows.
Working in tandem with a tough woman cop and a good-natured slob of a veteran policeman, Quinn throws himself into the investigation.
Parents everywhere are sure to see their own experiences reflected in the good-natured humor of the stay-at-home "I prefer to think of it as twenty-five years of maternity leave" mother and well-meaning father with noticeably less stamina around babies at maximum volume ("How come when you look after the kids it's 'parenting' but when I look after the kids it's 'not working'?
It's unfortunate that, since Wild Boy as a whole is an often-funny, sometimes-touching, and fundamentally good-natured variation on a classic theme, Ben-Ner's insistence on allegorizing his medium can seem ponderous by comparison.
The good-natured lampooning of sentiments sank a bit; crisper, more consequential character sketches were needed, yet balletic pep kept fun in the froth.
Schickele has been delighting audiences for years with works of charm, wit and good-natured humor, products of a lively imagination and strong musicological background paired with a finely honed compositional skill.
They have inspired so many good-natured queer punch lines that Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Norm Clarke listed all the shows on the Strip that rushed to delete jokes about them in the days after the tiger attack.
Honda's Asimo and even Sony's little Aibo can trace their creative roots back to the good-natured boy 'hot and his creator, Tezuka, who tried to show us that humanity and mercy are active choices, not mere biological byproducts.
That good-natured rivalry often plays out between states as each wants to claim the bragging rights for its state tree or for a tree that's especially near and dear to its heart (the champ Kentucky coffeetree is in Ohio).