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Synonyms for good-natured

Synonyms for good-natured

Antonyms for good-natured

having an easygoing and cheerful disposition

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That is just the way in this world; an enemy can partly ruin a man, but it takes a good-natured injudicious friend to complete the thing and make it perfect.
It was impossible for any one to be more thoroughly good-natured, or more determined to be happy than Mrs.
And you've got a good-natured brother, who'll keep your secret well, because you'll be so very obliging to him.
She implored her so urgently to let her spend the night with her in the golden bed, that at last the good-natured little Princess consented.
I was introduced to the young gentleman who was to be my roommate, and found him to be intelligent, cheerful of spirit, unselfish, full of generous impulses, patient, considerate, and wonderfully good-natured.
He listened with a quiet, good-natured smile, and at length took a seat in compliance with her pressing invitations, but repeated that he did not mean to stay.
She had never thought ANYTHING about him -- round-faced, stupid, perpetually smiling, good-natured Billy Andrews.
The army officer he found good-natured and simple, a healthy, wholesome young fellow, content to occupy the place in life into which birth and luck had flung him.
The mule was fat and good-natured the first day of its appearance in the arena.
The good-natured Miller immediately took up his son behind him.
To do her justice, she was a good-natured, notable woman; and as for breeding, there were few county ladies who could show more.
Miss Bridget had always exprest so great a regard for what the ladies are pleased to call virtue, and had herself maintained such a severity of character, that it was expected, especially by Wilkins, that she would have vented much bitterness on this occasion, and would have voted for sending the child, as a kind of noxious animal, immediately out of the house; but, on the contrary, she rather took the good-natured side of the question, intimated some compassion for the helpless little creature, and commended her brother's charity in what he had done.
Nay, the acute observer might have recognized the little red nose of good-natured Miss Jemima Pinkerton herself, rising over some geranium pots in the window of that lady's own drawing-room.
And with the help of good-natured friends I can bring them up; but if there's another baby coming?
Whatever prejudiced and unauthorised constructions your blind and envious wrath may put upon his character, it is a frank, good-natured character.