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Never mind, my boy," he added, good-humoredly, seeing Tom still looked grave; "I don't doubt you mean to do well.
Silverstein is a dub, and a softy, and a knocker," he said good-humoredly.
Sir Patrick lifted two of his white, wrinkled old fingers, and good-humoredly patted the young sailor on the cheek.
Horace good-humoredly accepted the hint implied in those words.
Matvey put his hands in his jacket pockets, thrust out one leg, and gazed silently, good-humoredly, with a faint smile, at his master.
Glegg, seating himself good-humoredly, "and how's the poor man upstairs?
Once Moore had good-humoredly complained: "Sydney at breakfast made me actually cry with laughing.
Grant may find herself "taken in" again, good-humoredly learning to put up with the different set of foibles of another imperfect husband--but we have no authority for such flights of fancy.
She speculates good-humoredly about what the future might hold as these two myths continue to evolve and circulate back and forth among British, American, and other international cultures.
He still amuses me with his stories about his partners, his employees, his incisive phrases that set them up like ninepins and then good-humoredly knock down.
If they dispute his suggestions in the rush of making a deadline, he roars good-humoredly at them, "You're driving me crazy
He would cajole the White House or good-humoredly prod committee chairs in the US House, as well as the US Senate to release the various funds he placed in the Federal budget or to send his legislation to the floor of Congress for a vote.
Good-humoredly, Berlin complied at once: O'Brien was right; Berlin's knowledge of Burke was no more than the common stuff one picks up: "all honor" to Burke for "seeing through the fallacy and danger of utopian universalism.
Always ready to chat, he has accepted invitations from downmarket television talk-show hosts and good-humoredly answered the most impertinent questions ("Do you take lithium for manic depression?
Detailing how certain editors were hired and why, good-humoredly hinting at the tensions caused by different editorial and managerial visions, and illustrating the sheer amount of work it takes to put together a ground-breaking popular publication, this book is a unique look inside a major publishing company.