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showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity

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HH Sheikh Nasser enjoys a rich experience in politics, in addition to his personal traits, such as good-heartedness, modesty and capacity to resolve issues, she said.
Bruce Springsteen really got any creative person's dream career, and his good-heartedness and good-spiritedness are part of it: both because it made the people behind the scenes want to do their jobs that much better, but it also means that he connects with an audience in a way that holds them close.
He told President Shimon Peres in a phone call to express his condolences, "In her quiet and modest life, Sonya represented good-heartedness, and became a symbol, setting an example of modesty and love of man.
Karen Brown, community development worker, said: "The community spirit and good-heartedness of people coming together to benefit those less fortunate than themselves was fantastic.
Everyone is aware that our late father, may God rest his soul in peace, was indeed an epitome of human good-heartedness and kindness, and was therefore the best to represent his people and the kingdom.
Then it changed to delight as I was charmed by the efficiency and sheer good-heartedness of an assistant called Tamboo Osman whom I met in Slater's Menswear in the city centre's Cannon Street.
How "The Office" would handle the writers strike: With Dwight as self-proclaimed mediator, talks are handled more incompetently than heretofore considered humanly possible, but due to the show's core good-heartedness, no one's job is lost.
If the reader can suspend disbelief, accept the magic and enjoy the oddness of the likeable cast of characters, including the neighbor boy Chet's basic good-heartedness, this is a good story about finding self and the essential sweetness of life among the dross that surrounds it.
Your size, your good-heartedness, your lack of a bottom line will not save you.
The sociable good-heartedness of the people may be one of its greatest assets but there's another tucked away just a couple of miles from the city centre.
Jason's break-dancing display, together with his obvious good-heartedness gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.
Dunst is a bundle of affection and good-heartedness.
Daddy is Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen), such a model of small-town good-heartedness, generosity and dedication, Frank Capra would have been proud to shake his hand.
Built powerfully enough to wallop a colleague who harasses Labinota but childlike in his good-heartedness, his taciturn Jean is brought to life with relatively little dialogue.