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Synonyms for good-bye

a separation of two or more people

of, done, given, or said on departing

Synonyms for good-bye

References in classic literature ?
I don't want to say good-bye," he answered, instinctively anxious to hide his tears.
Then he went to her sister and bade her good-bye too.
The pretty wax doll bade good-bye to the Princess Ozma and the others and stood on the platform while the Wizard blew a big soap-bubble around her.
She kissed the boy, and Ozma kissed him, too, and all the others waved their hands and said good-bye and wished him a pleasant journey.
When Dorothy bade them good-night, she kissed them all good-bye at the same time.
Not for the last time," she said, and got a cheer, and we said good-bye all around, and faced eastward and rode away.
All Dorothy's friends of the Land of Oz--both old and new--gathered in a group in front of the palace to bid her a sorrowful good-bye and to wish her long life and happiness.
I wish you good-bye and good fortune, Reginald," she said.
Now give me a growl--the last, good, good-bye growl.
She would have bid you good-bye this time," returned Sir Percival, "if she had not been afraid of herself and of you.
Good-bye, my lady," I said, putting her into the carriage, and trying to cheer her; "good-bye, for the present only; good-bye, with my best and kindest wishes for happier times.
So now, we do not say good-bye only to jobs, a safe haven for the students, but we say good-bye to where a different way of thinking was born and ultimately perfected, that people are not defined by their disabilities but rather their abilities.
Summary: With Summer almost over, ECCO makes saying good-bye to the warm summer season much easier with its new Back to School collection.
The most important thing to remember is that while Jim has left us, we must not regard this as good-bye.
LDP says that with Gruevski's speech, as a country, we are slowly saying good-bye to the EuroAtlantic perspectives.