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Synonyms for good-bye

a separation of two or more people

of, done, given, or said on departing

Synonyms for good-bye

References in classic literature ?
Good-bye, Mother; I will have my dinner at five o'clock.
He was to leave the vessel at Melbourne, bid a polite good-bye to the captain, and go off at once to the gold-fields.
I don't want to say good-bye," he answered, instinctively anxious to hide his tears.
Then he went to her sister and bade her good-bye too.
Dorothy held Eureka in her arms and bade her friends a fond good-bye.
Now give me a growl--the last, good, good-bye growl.
After a sound sleep and a good night's rest they had their breakfast with the King and then bade his Majesty good-bye.
But as their escort would say no more about the beasts, they bade him good-bye and proceeded on their journey.
She felt it dreadfully, too, I know she did, for she was crying when she kissed me good-bye through the bookcase door.
This having been agreed upon, Dorothy bade good-bye to all her friends.
Well, good-bye," said Alan, and held out his left hand.
Madame Karenina entered the carriage again to say good-bye to the countess.
Ladies, we would now, with our love to one another, wish one another good-bye, and happiness, until we met again.
I ought to be grateful for this chance of seeing you once more, of saying good-bye to you.
I have come,' said Joe, 'to say good-bye--to say good-bye for I don't know how many years; perhaps for ever.