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something that recommends (or expresses commendation of) a person or thing as worthy or desirable

good news

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New Delhi [India], December 22 ( ANI ): After a record-breaking opening and good word of mouth from the critics, 'The Last Jedi' seems to be facing a backlash from many ardent fans of 'Star Wars' for its thin narrative.
Organised by Good Word Society, the award is presented to individuals and voluntary associations.
Spreading the good word through internet must be made compulsory in seminaries.
Hussain said such awards and external participation advanced volunA[degrees] teerism in the Arab world and extended his gratitude to Sheikh Isa bin Khalifa al Khalifa and Good Word Society for adopting such initiatives.
Thank you very much to them and thank you to the Good Word Society and Sheikh Issa for this honour.
The centre will carry the Bank's name and will be managed and supervised by the Good Word Society.
35 Kempton Richard Hannon won't like me saying this, but there's a good word for his two-year-old at Kempton Jason Maguire Jockey Sydney Paget 4.
I was wondering if you guys could put in a good word for me for a sponsorship.
Proper music lovers just don't seem to have a good word to say about her, but I do .
It didn't hurt that Bill Walton and NBC Sports chief Dick Ebersol also stepped up with a good word.
Bewildered is a good word to describe one's immediate reaction to the slender new book by Arkansas history professor Preston Jones, Is Belief In God Good, Bad or Irrelevant?
As pope, he set a new high standard in diplomacy, openness, and outreach; he was the first pope to set foot in a synagogue or a monastery, and traveled the globe--in his own words, he wished to be like Paul the Apostle, always on the move spreading the Good Word.
BIR Nonferrous Division President Marc Natan of France's GDE Non-Ferreux--ECORE put in a good word for hedging as a way for nonferrous dealers to help protect themselves in the volatile market.
The Mexicans call their ear-cracking fireworks bombas, a good word for those wads of gunpowder and toy motors stuffed into toilet paper rolls taped to the end of long reeds.
Crewe have been tracking the 18-goal hitman - nicknamed Pistol Pete - for weeks and Jones, a fans' favourite at Gresty Road, says: "I'll be happy to put in a good word.