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SUN worshippers made the most of the good weather yesterday before the wind and rain pour cold water after the Bank Holiday.
He added: "The good weather and a maximum number of contractors mean it is on schedule and on course to reopen in early to mid July.
Brewer Scottish & Newcastle received a double boost from this year's World Cup and good weather.
Retailers cannot rely on good weather to bring in customers.
An EastEnders spokeswoman blamed the good weather and an Emmerdale special for the dip.
Lifeboat crews patrolling the Tyne fear they will be kept busy with expected good weather combined with the three-day break.
The recent good weather at home also saw a dramatic surge in the number of people booking trips around England.
As 700 workers started the huge clean-up, organisers were praying the good weather would hold - rain will extend the operation from one week to three and cost an extra pounds 100,000.
While this has underscored the need for electronic patient records, the lack of efficiency and integrated data within the Medicaid system is something that impacts the quality of care for millions of Medicaid patients across the country every day--in good weather and bad.
TOURISM industry workers in Wales are praying for good weather this Bank Holiday weekend to make up for the Easter washout.
State officials, trying to attract private space business, have touted the planned spaceport's high altitude, good weather and proximity to White Sands Missile Range.
Although the good weather is set to continue into this week in the south of England it will be fresher in the North, forecasters said.
Argos' defence was that they could not predict that we would have good weather in August.
It will be a welcome return for the sun after the gloom of the last fortnight, when nonstop downpours prompted fears that the good weather was over until next year.
I was hoping for good weather but over time the weather became less important as there were so many other things to worry about.