good time

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a highly pleasurable or exciting experience


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I'm much obliged for all your kindness," said the boy, "and very grateful to you for saving my life and sending me home again after all the good times I've had.
I often feel that way, but I have to wait for my good times, and don't stop working to wish for 'em.
Rose leaned where she was, and fell to thinking how many good times she had had lately, for the gardening had prospered finely, and she was learning to swim and row, and there were drives and walks, and quiet hours of reading and talk with Uncle Alec, and, best of all, the old pain and ennui seldom troubled her now.
Three dollars a week, an' four dollars a week, an' a young boy cookin' for himself on an oil-burner an' layin' up money, workin' all day an' studyin' all night, just workin' an' never playin', never havin' a good time, an' never learnin' how to have a good time - of course his thirty thousand came along too late.
We've had good times together; but I think we'll have lots more splendid years ahead.
If we travel post all night, we shall reach there in good time to-morrow morning.
They seem happy and are doubtless having a good time," the girl Ruler said to herself; and then she began to think of the many adventures she herself had encountered with Dorothy.
There was laughter and merriment on every side, and everybody was having a royal good time.
Playmore, warning him, in good time, that I meant to make a last effort to penetrate the mystery at Gleninch.
I really must break out somewhere and have a good time.
I feel just like having a regular good time," cried Polly, when she stopped, with her hat hanging round her neck and her hair looking as if she had been out in a high wind.
She only meant to have a good time, and there was no harm in that, but unfortunately she yielded to the various small temptations that beset pretty young girls and did more mischief to others than to herself.
The former to take good times, when first to relate to a man an angry business; for the first impression is much; and the other is, to sever, as much as may be, the construction of the injury from the point of contempt; imputing it to misunderstanding, fear, passion, or what you will.
A girl like me has got to take her good times when she can.
The rise can be attributed primarily to increases in two of the six HPSI components: the good time to sell component and the mortgage rates expectations component.