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a highly pleasurable or exciting experience


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The net good time to sell share is now double the net good time to buy share, with record high percentages of consumers citing home prices as the primary reason for both perceptions.
On the flip side of the sour sentiment over whether it's a good time to buy, those saying it was a good time to sell rose, according to the latest survey findings.
That's why it can make such a difference for a small business like Good Time Home Care Handyman Services, LLC, to improve its Web presence.
Across Britain, the net balance of people who believe the coming year is a good time to buy a house rather than a bad time has plunged from 34% in the first three months of 2014 to just 5% in the second quarter of this year.
Good Time Oldies will feature music from the golden era of pop, rock and soul--centering on hit music from the 60s and 70s--and positioned slightly earlier than traditional Adult Hits-formatted stations.
For the first time since Halifax's regular housing market confidence tracker began in April 2011, the proportion of consumers who predict the next 12 months will be a good time to put a home on the market outweighed those who believe it will be a bad time.
That game was billed as a good time for Tottenham to be playing Newcastle, and a good time for Newcastle to be playing Tottenham.
And the father-of-two said he was surprised to find he managed to have a good time in North Africa without a tipple.
GWENDOLYN AND THE GOOD TIME GANG: "Get Up & Dance" (Whispersquish)
Grosso, Hewitt, Toad, Bailey, Whitedog, and others wee ripping and having a good time.
A federal prisoner filed a habeas corpus petition asserting that the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) was calculating his good time credit in a manner that was contrary to the federal prisoner release statute.
Why else do we have so such a good time dressing up for Halloween--as witches, as the Scream People, or as Freddy Kruger?
As for higher ed professionals poised on the precipice of a system with band-aids about to fall away, this would probably be a good time to reassess core mission.
The post-season is a good time to develop a mental focus that will cut off all negative thoughts, such as poor umpiring, bad weather, inadequate facilities, or errors by the defense.