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At General Electric, Jack Welch valued this type of intelligence even more than work experience: "It's my belief that industry knowledge can be gained by someone with good thinking skills.
Ensuring that the link to people on the street does not die with them is a welcome bit of good thinking.
The first of the four cardinal virtues of the Roman Catholic church is prudentia, which basically means damn good thinking.
A chapter on tickling serves as a fine example of the way Provine weaves together science, social science and just plain good thinking and observation.
The report, titled "What Good Thinking Can Do," focuses on the strategic actions the company has taken during the past year to improve performance.
There was plenty of good thinking, and "Serial Imagery" exhibits the hard intellectualism of the best '60s writing.
Skeptics in Pub A talk by Michael Marshall, the Project Director of the Good Thinking Society and the Vice President of the Merseyside Skeptics Society.
There is a lot of good thinking and research going on out there and we want to make it available to a broader readership.
Good thinking, I say, but I believe at least three of the Premiership's clubs have standing areas in parts of their grounds.
It was really good thinking on our part and Ashley deserves a lot of credit for taking the throw-in so quickly.
But we also get to play two games against nonEuropean teams, which is good thinking for the World Cup as it is the only chance we get to do that.
There's a lot of good thinking in the book, and no shortage of depth.