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an account of an amusing incident (usually with a punch line)

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I could come out in a bikini but if you don't have a good story then no one will watch you.
If theECHOwould like a good story youwould do a lotworse than contact the club and arrange to spend an evening there to meet the staff and kids and find out howgood andworthwhile the club is.
Murphy, a former West Hills resident, wrote a good story detailing the importance of the meeting and shared what was accomplished.
Good science fiction, of course, also has to tell a good story.
Nothing like forbidden love to make a good story line
Science World's editors are willing to go to the ends of the Earth to track down a good story.
Jeffrey Birnbaum ("The End of Legal Bribery," June) writes a good story on how Jack Abramoff's conviction may open the floodgates to legally tying questionable campaign contributions to bribery charges.
KEN Livingstone - who lives up to his nickname of The Most Odious Man in Britain - has written a letter of complaint this week accusing me of penning a "stream of bile" about him and not letting the facts get in the way of a good story.
Every good story requires a strong beginning, middle, and end.
Kids love to read a good story, so why not give them a textbook that reads like a novel or short story?
We have a good story to tell, so let's tell it," Chris Hodgson says at an Ontario Mining Association (OMA) forum held in September at the Holiday Inn in Sudbury.
Like any good story, a case study walks us through the experience from beginning to end.
Your subscribers will supply you with an arsenal of good story ideas and current industry hot topics.
A good story of friendship, teamwork and success on different levels.
It is also a good story for those readers interested in exploring the genres.