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someone who spells words

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chthonic for the good spellers, and camouflage for the bad.
Word study about the origins of words is often interesting for these good spellers.
You don't even have to be a good speller because VIVID uses phonetic look-up.
The study also found that four out of five (80 percent) American adults consider themselves to be good spellers, yet more than seven in 10 (71 percent) say they often find spelling mistakes in written correspondence from others.
WAY WITH WORDS: Children show off their winning tickets for being good spellers (s)
The children were pretty good spellers anyway but the words they were asked to spell were above their age group.
SHREWSBURY - With education funding in a bad spell, the Shrewsbury Education Foundation is seeking some good spellers.
Kids who are good spellers [academically] are good spellers in instant messaging," she said.
Tom Power, 30, recruitment manager, Jesmond: I think people in the North East are generally good spellers but texting has affected everyone.
Besides, "It is fun to be in the company of good spellers.
While seven out of 10 believed they were good spellers, when asked to spot 14 mistakes in a piece of text, none was able to identify them all.
Goodman of the University of Arizona and Sandra Wilde of the University of Oregon in Eugene, indicates that beginning readers who regularly write and read their own stories without specific spelling corrections by teachers nevertheless become good spellers over time.
A TEAM of really good spellers from Kenilworth School are through to the semi finals of a national spelling contest.
New online spelling bee uses mathematical models to separate the good spellers from the bad
For example, some kids and parents believe because of the internet, they no longer need to be good spellers or learn to read a map.