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a person's high standing among others

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Caption: Of Good Report is not for sensitive viewers.
ArfonJ Good report of debate at @wrexhamcbc Exec by @dailypostwales .
NOT a good report for the guy who JUST made headlines for splitting with his longtime wife.
The government created a state commission, it prepared a good report, some arguments of the parliamentary commission were included.
IN your issue July 16, you gave a good report relating to the reduction of crime in Cleveland and in the same issue we read of a police officer who was shot in the arm while chasing three men in South Croydon.
POLICE cells in West Yorkshire have been given a good report.
PDSH refused Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski's request to return to Parliament to meet the criteria for a good report on Macedonia from the EC.
CDATA[ Israel has a good report card in the health sector in comparison with other OECD nations, as seen in data just released by the Ministry of Health.
Of course, we think New Moon is also a great gift for birthdays, earning a new taekwondo belt, getting a good report card, learning to pat your head and rub your belly at the same time, or any other occasion
WITH reference to your report on Alwinton Show (The Journal, October 16): it was a good report following an excellent show.
While a good report will not win any of the cities the chance to host the Games, a poor one could certainly cost them.
Mitchell Lane's biographies for elementary school students provide an excellent blend of lasting profiles and enough material to make good report fodder in 48 pages of facts.
you'll probably end up with a good report card, too
We believe that, when a good report is told, it needs to cover all sides of the story, rather [than] just the good or the bad.
Growing up as the oldest of five in Topeka, she did everything from helping her siblings learn to swim to bringing home a good report card to set the right example.