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If I were a good person I wouldn't be doing the job I do.
I am being honest when I say Major General Al Merri is different, special and a good person.
Because he's the top player doesn't mean he's a good dad or a good person to be with, does it, really?
So, what do people believe is required to be a good person and to live a good life?
Dozens of websites posted articles on the comment, many saying Smith believed Hitler was a good person.
If not, is there a good person who likes reading Stephen Leather books who would like to start a book-sharing club with me?
She truly believes she's a good person, but there's an a--holeness,'' she said of her TV incarnation.
She fully captures the irony that defines Kitty, a not particularly good person who nevertheless becomes an admirable one.
When you volunteer and get involved, people will see you as being trustworthy and realize that you're a good person whom they can feel confident referring people to.
No one likes to lose a good person, even to another department.
Although not religious or spiritual in any way, Bellado is a fun and interesting way for adults and kids to practice the six universal principles that lead to being a good person.
I know he is a good person, but sometimes I feel really bad for him, because I know he is a lonely person.
In introducing Bookman, his friend Patrick Emmanuel, who served as Bar president in 1985-86, described his Pensacola law partner, a native of New Orleans and a graduate of Tulane University, as "a good person to know and get close to.
Heather's a good person who does amazing things to help people.
He's a good researcher and good person to keep track of.