good old days

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past times remembered with nostalgia

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Imagine that, an "intensive and highly negative pricing environment" has gotten so much worse it's considered the good old days.
A lichen may have seemed complicated enough back in the good old days, when biologists described it as a partnership between a fungal and an algal species.
Although you don't pass up many opportunities to denounce feminism whenever you get the chance, I sometimes get the feeling your staff would be happy if the world would go back to the good old days of Catholicism whenever that was.
We have been busy yearning to somehow hold on to or restore the good old days.
Whenever Harry heard his fellow cottagers recalling the good old days, those, so-called, simpler times, he would just nod without comment.
Leaders of the attacks have decried the new learning concepts opting instead for the good old days of math learning.
MARK: I long for the good old days when people had to work for a living.
Remember the good old days when communication consisted of the company policy and procedures manual and a quarterly employee newsletter?
Once a "restorative mentality" is adopted, your staff will never want to return to "the good old days.
Apropos of the good old days in primary care, Walton states, "But if you get too caught up in that good life, it's probably time to move on, simply because you lose touch with what your mind is supposed to be concentrating on.
But the Ames case allowed for a comfortable return to the good old days.
LOCAL VARIETY: The Good Old Days were making a lively comeback when Linthwaite Methodist Players took to the stage in March 1986.
IN reply to the letter from Stephen Siddoway, December 5, who is harping on about the so called Good Old Days of yesteryear when pupils stood up when teachers entered the classroom, not forgetting when punishment by caning left many pupils with red raw hands which amounted to battery, abuse and assault.
Ticket upgrades are available at a supplement) * 2 nights stay at the 3 star Holiday Inn hotel, Glasgow Airport * Dinner on the Friday evening and full Scottish breakfast on the Saturday and Sunday mornings * Free time in Edinburgh * A visit to Keswick The Good Old Days The Legendary Music Hall Experience 2 days, departing Saturday 13 October 2012 from pounds 129.
So we're all hankering after the good old days, are we?