good luck charm

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something believed to bring good luck

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That's when Swade, a native Kansan, decided to fly to Seoul with his documentary crew, determined to bring back the Royals' good luck charm for the World Series.
Indianapolis: With a good luck charm he had given to a sick child back in his pocket, Brazilian Tony Kann won his first Indianapolis 500 on Sunday to end a decade of disappointment at the famed Brickyard.
Kanaan's luck, however, changed when he received a package four days before the race containing a good luck charm he had given to a young girl nine years ago just before she was about to undergo brain surgery.
Gary Moore appears to have found a suitable opportunity for Good Luck Charm to open his account in the Blue Square Median Auction Maiden Stakes.
17: 9-4 Catsrock Ronaldo, 3 Glenbank Blackie, 4 Ardmayle Ace, 9-2 Good Luck Charm, 5 Old Guinness, 7 Blonde Hero.
An object that began life as an ordinary back-scratcher is now also believed to be a good luck charm and widely available on the net.
MANAGER Ronnie Moore looks to his Irish good luck charm John Thompson to keep Tranmere Rovers in the winning habit tonight.
She wanted to be her sister's good luck charm on Tuesday, too.
WEISSMAN'S DESIGNS FOR DANCE 3707 Good Luck Charm 99-7005 Mock Turtleneck V404 Pants 8594 Top Hat (By ART STONE/THE COMPETITOR)
One of Bert's pigeons, the dauntless Percy, becomes Kak's good luck charm and even helps save his life, in this sobering look at the real nature of war, fear, courage, and heroism.
As for clover, why not leave this attractive plant and good luck charm alone?
Ron, who goes everywhere with the cleaner - his good luck charm - said: "It has been subjected to humiliating, intimate searches.
He kept the meat, storing it in his freezer, and cut off one of the hooves as a good luck charm for his common-law wife's daughter.
Horie, speaking in an interview with NHK television a day after completing his 11,500-kilometer voyage from San Francisco to Japan, said, "Good fortune smiled on him" throughout his journey, and proudly exhibited the white plastic cup he has used for 20 years as a good luck charm.