good luck charm

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something believed to bring good luck

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I don't understand why people don't believe that I am a good luck charm.
The post inspired fans of the page to create their own good luck charms by insert toothpicks into lemons to act as the pig's legs.
After having the healthy and delicious meal, everybody was ready for the next activity--weaving rice straw into a rope called 'Shimenawa' which is seen as a good luck charm by the Japanese people.
AMAZED "He didn't know how much it was worth and kept it tucked away at home as a simple good luck charm.
Indianapolis: With a good luck charm he had given to a sick child back in his pocket, Brazilian Tony Kann won his first Indianapolis 500 on Sunday to end a decade of disappointment at the famed Brickyard.
My good luck charm, J-Lo," she said as she accepted the award from Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull.
Prince (7) P Hanagan 60 Guillambert --Goldstein --Coumbe (3) 19 L Jones --R Havlin 72 J Quinn --T Queally --1 Tymismoni, 3 (1) 005 UNCLE FRED (47) 4 (7) 654 SATWA LAIRD (6) 5 (2) 500 GEORGE BAKER (6 (10) 066 GOLDEN DESERT (7 (3) 500 BAREBACK (14) J 8 (4) 365 OFFICER IN COMMAND 9 (14) 400 BIG BAY (63) (B) 10 (6) 623 GOOD LUCK CHARM 11 (8) 000 EDGEWORTH (15) 12 (11) 0-R STORM TIDE (14) 13 (12) 416 SIOUXPERHERO (14 (5) 000 DIPLOMATIC (98) 2011: FULL BLOOM 39 5 K O'Neill(FORECAST: 4-1 Good Luck Charm, Golden Desert, Rezwaan, 12-1 Uncle Command, Edgeworth, 25-1 Others.
The Lucky One tells the story of a marine who travels in search of an unknown woman who he believes was his good luck charm during the war.
Be my teddy bear and my Good Luck Charm, And to nobody else Don't Tell, And if I ever wanted One Night With You, It would be in Heartbreak Hotel.
It sits on the kitchen windowsill as our good luck charm.
17: 9-4 Catsrock Ronaldo, 3 Glenbank Blackie, 4 Ardmayle Ace, 9-2 Good Luck Charm, 5 Old Guinness, 7 Blonde Hero.
An object that began life as an ordinary back-scratcher is now also believed to be a good luck charm and widely available on the net.
She wanted to be her sister's good luck charm on Tuesday, too.
WEISSMAN'S DESIGNS FOR DANCE 3707 Good Luck Charm 99-7005 Mock Turtleneck V404 Pants 8594 Top Hat (By ART STONE/THE COMPETITOR)