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the quality of having regular well-defined features (especially of a man)


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In fact, only 13 per cent of women said that money is the top priority, while less than a quarter (23 per cent) pointed to good looks as a game changer.
Two newly elected officials in Ormoc City, Leyte, are creating a buzz on social media, largely because of their good looks that one of them said could help push their plans for the city.
CATHERINE Zeta-Jones has revealed she wouldn't rule out having plastic surgery to keep her good looks.
But Labour's problem is not that Ed doesn't enjoy the good looks of Clooney, or the charisma of the freshly-elected pre-drone Obama.
Se 49-year-old e 49-year-old mum of three - and wife of Simon Le Bon, lead singer of Brummie band Duran Duran - showed o band Duran Duran - showed o her exotic good looks while her exotic good looks while modelling the latest collection of clothes from Monsoon.
While good looks didn't seem to factor into choosing which men looked smart, participants did better at guessing men's intelligence.
How you look affects your life prospects, and good looks can most definitely spell success, according to a report by the Council on Contemporary Families.
With its rugged good looks accompanying its multiuse field abilities, the XcEST-Delta is a virtual replica in size and strength to the XcEST-Alpha.
com's have helped the site set benchmark of attractiveness by voting other members in or out on the basis of their good looks, News.
The independent drainage specialist impressed a panel of 53 judges with What Good Looks Like, a campaign that includes a series of drawings illustrating best practice in the drainage industry - one of which is pictured below.
Summary: Jenson Button may have the good looks of James Bond, but the racing driver admits he would never get into acting.
I was fortunately blessed with these good looks, I may as well do something with them.
An attempt to cling on to her good looks via cosmetic surgery went disastrously wrong leaving her ridiculed as the 'fish face' with the 'trout pout'.
A study of romantic attraction sought to look again at that stereotype and the idea that men are primarily motivated by good looks.