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On a large constructed flatbed he has placed the painted cab of a Good Humor truck, surrounding it with an inventoried array of this exhausted scientific flotsam, organizing it by size, shape, material, and function.
The ads featured during the show are 'buzz' ads that require a real creative flair, and typically good humor and excellent effects.
Armed with good humor and lots of insect repellant, a group of Cornell University students, staff; faculty and assorted herpetologists spent last summer building a "toad tunnel" to allow amphibians safe passage across a preserve near campus.
As my grandfather commuted to whatever city job he could find, my grandmother--city-born and -bred--performed the hard labor and raised three children with, I'm told, unfailing good humor.
With great good humor, the dignitaries left the rain-soaked grounds of MCCII, and gathered instead in the lobby of MCCII's precursor, the Melville Corporate Center I at 105 Maxess Road and with gold-plated shovels and hard hats, circled and dug into a bucket of dirt to symbolically qeclare the start of construction at MCCII.
Readers interested in knowing where high technology is heading should take a look it's full of good humor and entertaining anecdotes.
He filled this role with characteristic aplomb and good humor for more than a year.
You could say it became an icon of how one man--one Good Humor man--would go the extra mile to get the ice cream into the hands of his neighbors.
From planting trees to cultivating tomatoes, AMERICAN FORESTS' own Bill Tikkala shows how dedication and good humor make an organization grow.
Last year Delco Electronics President and CEO Gary Dickinson climbed behind the wheel of his vintage 1938 Good Humor truck - one of eight such nostalgic vehicles he owns - and drove it in the company-sponsored Indy 500 parade.
Humor, at least good humor in style, is almost totally lacking.
The new PEDIGREE[TM] Ice Cream Sandwich Treats for Dogs from Unilever Ice Cream's Good Humor brand give pet owners the creme de la creme of treats they can reward to their loyal, four-legged friends.
There's also some good humor included as the two siblings try to teach Sebastian to be able to pass as a 21st-century teenager in their school in both appearance and speech, not an easy job when dealing with a centuries-old alchemist whose speech is as archaic as his history.
Close your eyes, and you can swear you still hear the Helms man's whistle, or the Good Humor man's distinctive bell sending a few dozen kids, each clutching a quarter, running out of these homes, slamming the screen doors behind them.