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She had never used it herself, but she had read of the practice of eating arsenic among the Styrian peasantry for the purpose of clearing the color, and of producing a general appearance of plumpness and good health.
And yet I can't tell how it is, but your honour is seemingly in perfect good health, and you never looked better nor fresher in your life.
Captain Harville had never been in good health since a severe wound which he received two years before, and Captain Wentworth's anxiety to see him had determined him to go immediately to Lyme.
Yet there were in the duke such boldness and ability, and he knew so well how men are to be won or lost, and so firm were the foundations which in so short a time he had laid, that if he had not had those armies on his back, or if he had been in good health, he would have overcome all difficulties.
We have some very interesting inhabitants," he remarked, walking stiffly beside her on his stick-cinnamon legs; "and all of us who are in good health are well bred.
said her brother to Colonel Brandon, in a low voice, as soon as he could secure his attention,-- "She has not such good health as her sister,--she is very nervous,--she has not Elinor's constitution;--and one must allow that there is something very trying to a young woman who HAS BEEN a beauty in the loss of her personal attractions.
Summary: Shaikh Humaid in good health following a minor operation on his foot
8kg at birth and both she and her mother, Amado Shaniel, are in good health, according to the Health Ministry.
IANS From Lata Mangeshkar and Amitabh Bachchan to younger talent like Farhan Akhtar and Riteish Deshmukh -- celebrities from the Hindi film world wished the legendary Dilip Kumar good health and a long life on his 95th birthday.
In the cable, His Majesty the Sultan expressed greetings along with the best wishes of good health and happiness to President Meta and the friendly Albanian people further progress and growth.
by ONA His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said expressed his wishes of good health, happiness and a long life to Kuwait Emir and the people further progress and prosperity under his wise leadership.
He vowed to continue the march of development and modernization and reinforcing the homeland' security and stability, wishing him abundant good health and happiness.
I wish him good health and sufficient time in this world for him to execute his vision for the country.
In the West Midlands, people in Solihull can expect to enjoy the longest period of time in good health.
SCOTS are still dying younger than the rest of the UK - but surprisingly they live longer in good health.