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any person who is on your side

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And it can be hard to tell the good guy from the bad.
He's a good guy, I know it's our neighbours and I don't want to wish them too much success - but him personally I think he is a good guy and I am pleased he is back in work.
A more formal name for a good guy guaranty is a holdover guaranty, because the intent of a good guy guaranty is to prevent a tenant from remaining in its premises long after the tenant has stopped paying rent, i.
Listening to the tributes to Brennan, the other good guys in the room smiled--among them, Norman Dorsen, former president of the ACLU, Bruce Sanford, the constitutional lawyer, and Peter Edelman, who resigned from the Clinton Administration in protest over welfare reform and is now Cole's colleague at Georgetown University Law Center.
But, lo and behold, in our very own field, we're finding the Hollywood paradigm enacted: the good guy "white hats" and the bad guy "black hats.
The only problem is that each of us, however monstrous, believes him- or herself to be the good guy.
Crews from Staffordshire will speak to hundreds of kids as part of Operation Good Guy between now and November 5.
In the New York City leasing market, this means that the good guy guaranty, a common form of lease guaranty, is fast becoming a critical focal point for both landlords and tenants in structuring lease work-outs.
This was supposed to be a clear case of good guy versus bad guy: the Serbs were the bad guys, the Croatians and the Muslims the good guys.
A Good Guy Guaranty differs from a Personal Guaranty by virtue of the guarantor's limited liability to pay rent for only that period of time that the commercial tenant remains in possession.
Good Guy Guarantees are often referred to by the misnomer "good guy clauses"--a misnomer because the operative provision is not a clause in the lease but, rather, a separate guaranty of the lease, which often is not even mentioned in the lease even though they are executed simultaneously.
The Port Authority wants to be in the real estate business and whether Larry Silverstein is a good guy or not a good guy, whether he did everything right or wrong, we have a land owner and we have a deal.
Vince Carter's a good guy, Jammal Brown's a good guy,'' Cody said.
Dale Earnhardt didn't get his reputation or popularity by being a good guy.