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adequately good for the circumstances

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Go along and find somebody that's good enough for you," repeated Mrs.
Guppy's mother (who began to be quite abusive) and took her, very much against her will, downstairs, her voice rising a stair higher every time her figure got a stair lower, and insisting that we should immediately go and find somebody who was good enough for us, and above all things that we should get out.
All his family wished him to be a clergyman, but he "did not deem himself good enough for it.
I'm GOOD enough,' the King said, 'only I'm not strong enough.
Be good enough to enter, sir, and make yourself at home in the rooms our Royal Ozma has ordered prepared for you.
Be good enough to tell me the color of their clothing, which I was unable to make out, and I'll trouble you no more.
It was thus that the Flea and the Grasshopper gave an account of themselves, and thought they were quite good enough to marry a Princess.
But though this latter view, if she indeed had it, may appear reasonable enough, yet the event did not answer her expectation; for when she was convened before the justice, and it was universally apprehended that the house of correction would have been her fate, though some of the young women cryed out "It was good enough for her," and diverted themselves with the thoughts of her beating hemp in a silk gown; yet there were many others who began to pity her condition: but when it was known in what manner Mr Allworthy had behaved, the tide turned against her.
Dowler is good enough to say that he'll sit up for Mrs.
Her friends evidently thought this good enough for her; and it was good enough.
You will puff her up with such ideas of her own beauty, and of what she has a claim to, that, in a little while, nobody within her reach will be good enough for her.
We take it on board that we've not been good enough and we've let people down within the club.
When I got told I wasn't good enough, I just said it was up to me to prove him wrong.
I believe we're good enough to finish in the top six," said the Elland Road boss (above) ahead of today's trip to QPR.