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Florida's red hot summer fishing can bring you more than a good day on the water now that the CCA Florida Star Tournament has expanded to all of our coastal waters.
The best-in-class designation means that Good Day pharmacies in Eaton, Fort Collins (at Sprouts Farmers Market) and Wellington have each achieved the rank of top 15% of all MTM centers in Colorado," Good Day said in a statement last month.
Jeff Wilson, CEO of Extreme Engineering states, "We are excited to spend our morning with Good Day Sacramento at our factory.
To further undermine Mercedes' good day, Rosberg pulled off track a few minutes later with a gearbox problem.
45pm Cineworld 0871 200 2000 A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD (12A) Fri-Tue 11.
Summary: Bruce Willis has been spotted on the set of the fifth instalment of Die Hard, A Good Day To Die Hard in Budapest.
The Swedish winger - who scored and also set up James McClean's goal in the 3-0 win at London Road - said: "It was a good day overall.
I've lost on every race - today would be a good day to get mugged.
Being from Ireland and having so many relations in Ireland - my parents are from Belfast - it was a good day.
It was a fitting end to a TV institution, though it wasn't a particularly good day for its fans or for ITV1 drama.
I had a good day and then another I was married to mountains on all
It's a nice thought, this wishing of a good day for others that started out of nowhere around the 1950s, but what can any of us really do to be sure we have one?
If you're exhorting me to have a good day, in the sense of moral goodness, then I must say it's somewhat impertinent of you to suggest that I would, without your intervention, do otherwise.
The title of this book is "A Good Day," but the story begins with the sentence, "It was a bad day.
McKnight for a faith-based film called "A Good Day," which will be screened in March as part of the Burbank-based 168-Hour Film Project.