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pod of the peanut vine containing usually 2 nuts or seeds

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Remaining calling credit from Goober Messenger can be used in all ChatCube versions.
Having failed the auditions in 1962 for a role in "The Andy Griffith Show", Lindsey grabbed the role of Goober Pyle for the same TV series two years later.
Louis was named after Louis Walsh from X Factor and Goober just looked like a Goober.
Zoe Elias, or Zsa Zsa Goober as she is sometimes called, is one of these girls.
I know what you're probably thinking now: What kind of disaster befell the goober while operating this beast?
Consumed throughout the world, peanuts, also called groundnuts, goober and goober pea, are one of the favorite foods of mankind.
You get to do different things like driving the Pattie Wagon (a motorised crab burger) and running round a sweet factory called the Goofy Goober which is full of Plankton's helpers who have peanut hats.
The main five Fraggles - Red, Goober, Wembley, Gobo and Mokey spent their time hunting for radishes in the garden of Ma, Pa and Junior Gorg, or eating large structures built by the Doozers - tiny green workers on Fraggle Rock.
Nineteen entrants with stage names including The Goober, Trans Am Mama, Johnny Rocket and C-Diddy lined up in a dingy lower Manhattan bar to fight it out for the coveted ticket to Helsinki.
This book sets out the history of the peanut, or Goober pea, in an accessible way with a language and layout targeted more at the layman than the scholar.
Avoid: artificial nuts, goober peas, nut spreads, cakes, biscuits, pastries, ice cream, cereal bars, veggie burgers, marzipan, praline, satay sauce, curries, salad dressings, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian dishes.
The Aramark company, which runs the food concession, is worried about being sued by a bystander hit by a flying goober bag.
Those East Coast reporters can make you look like a complete goober," Chelan County Prosecutor Gary Riesen told a Spokane reporter.
When they agreed, he went back to his room and started gobbling aspirin "like goober peas.
After all, how can you call anything a goober and take it seriously?