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Synonyms for gonzo

conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual

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Thompson's position as the paratextual gateway into Acosta's text appears on the surface to be both a moving reflection of their friendship and an attempt at subtle marketing of the book by "a writer whose reputation is more firmly established than the author's" (Genette 1997, 268X3 However, in a textual space where Thompson's words precede and shape readers' access to Acosta, the complexity of their intertwined writing and publishing histories--including Acosta's contested role in the genesis of gonzo journalism and the events that led to the shift in his status from co-author to Samoan sidekick in Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas--cannot be ignored.
I suspect very few people, if anyone at all, will remember it, but there are echoes, even re-enactments, in The Head of Gonzo Davies from those strange little instalments.
Then Gonzo brought Shane to the edge of Gun Position Five.
Gonzo Parenting is available locally at Hastings in Wenatchee, Riverwalk Books in Chelan, and Orondo Cider Works in Orondo.
The group produces cutting edge entertainment for teens and young adults including the famous GONZO animation brand and for kids and family under the recently launched Gonzo Films and Gonzino brands.
There's more to the blaze than meets the eye, and soon Gonzo is immersed in a rollicking adventure involving ninjas and pirates.
Yna, fe wnaethon lusgo'n traed blinedig tuag at y ddau prif lwyfan a chyfarfod a hogia'r grw p Derwyddon Dr Gonzo, oedd newydd lusgo eu hunain ar ol perfformio yng Ngwyl Latitude yn Swydd Suffolk.
Gonzo is a solid introduction to the mythology of Thompson, but it would be of better service to all aspiring writers had it spent more time explaining that Thompson's wildstyle was grounded in actual, astute reporting.
They thought that I was a bit tame and not real that having sex with a man is the one thing missing from Stoddard's pansexual gonzo journalism.
Featuring flamboyant compere Jon Mayoe, comedian Bill Wooland, burlesque stars Sakura Tsui and Miss Honeymoon, mad magician Pete Firman, Vaudevillian Gonzo Gonzo, cabaret vamp Rosie Lugosi, glamorous boy-wonder Elektralush, songbird Dolores Delight, fire and dance performers The Cathouse Belles, and Jim Devereux as tribute act This Is Elvis.
5 million yen ($510,000), GK Entertainment will produce GONZO brand animations in collaboration with Gonzo, a GDH group animation production company.
Warhol is present as a constant refrigerator-like hum in the background of "American Surfaces," but there's a flicker of gonzo journalism here too.
Author Timothy Edward Jonesreveals a fresh new twist in poetry by experimenting with Gonzo journalism, Outlaw prose and mixing hints of Classic Country music.
Flying Dog's new K-9 Cruiser Altitude Ale snowboards into stores bearing the art of noted Gonzo artist, Ralph Steadman.
I got this clothing line in Japan called Gonzo Cuntry," Mark replies.