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the craniometric point on either side at the apex of the lower jaw

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The temporomandibular joint of both sides are not independent of each other in function and peculiar type of synovial joint as the mouth opens and closes with the rotation of mandible around the terminal hinge axis of lower compartment as well as the transverse axis of the ramus as a result of the translation in the upper compartment of the joint with the protrusion of condyles and the retrusion of the gonion.
Next, position the central ray perpendicular to the IR, entering midway between the mentum and gonion on the contralateral side.
Slight asymmetry in two sides was present at the frontal eminence, porion, gonion, zygion, and Whitnall's tubercle (outer canthus), where left measurements were slightly greater than were those of the right.
The planes used were: mandibular plane (the line between gonion and gnathion); L1-MP (the perpendicular distance from L1 to mandibular plane); L7-MP (the perpendicular distance from L7 to mandibualr plane) and S-MP (the perpendicular distance from deepest point of COS to the mandibular plane) Fig 2.
Mandibles with intact body, ramus, gonion and coronoid process.
Angulo SN-MP 1,82 14 1,50 8 4 0,220 Angulo FH-MP 2,60 20 3,00 4 2 0,005 Articular gonion 2,83 18 1,75 4 4 0,002 Angulo goniaco 2,40 7 2,90 16 3 0,069 A.
The mandibular plane (registered on gonion and gnathion) moves towards the horizontal such that the mandibular plane angle (mandibular plane to the Frankfort horizontal) decreases.
Gonial angle###Ar Go Me###Angle between Articulare, Gonion and Menton
Three parameters were measured in panoramic radiographs (PRs) from a total of 136 subjects: thicknesses of the mandibular cortex below the mental foramen, the antegonion, and the gonion.
Sella to nasion(Sella Nasion plane) ANS to PNS (Maxillary plane) GOGn Gonion to Gnathion (Mandibular plane) Ramal plane Pogonion to Articulare Following skeletal linear measurements/Angular mea- surements were taken.
En cada paciente se identificaron en total 15 puntos cefalo-metricos, 8 de ellos medianos: trichion, supraglabela, glabela, nasion, A' de downs, B' de downs, pogonion y gnathion; y 7 puntos paramedianos: superciliar, supraorbiatrio, infraorbitario, lateral de la orbita (exocanthion), zygion, agujero mentoniano y gonion, los cuales fueron marcados con un lapiz dermografico.
Cases with increased Gonion angle, reduced mandibular length and reduced space distal to permanent second molar were shown to be associated with third molar impaction.