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direction finder that determines the angular direction of incoming radio signals

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Clinical measurement of range of motion: Review of goniometry emphasizing reliability and validity.
2007) compared two methods of digital goniometry and electronic digital inclinometer (EDI 320) in 42 healthy subjects.
24] At the same time, active range of motion (ROM) of the cervical spine in three planes was measured with universal goniometry (UG) with a double-armed full-circle protractor made of transparent plastic (Benchmark Medical, Inc.
Measures of active lumber spine range of motion can be obtained with a number of methods including visual observation, tape measure/ruler, goniometry, linear measures, and inclinometry.
Static contact angles of the samples were determined by contact angle goniometry at 25[degrees]C through imagecapture software by injecting a 2 [micro]L water drop.
During the study the following methods were used: dynamometry (carpal, strength of the extensor muscles), modified Kraus-Weber's test to determine the strength endurance of different muscle groups, goniometry to determine the range of motion in the joints, and Bondarevsky's test and Yarotsky's sample to determine the status of the vestibular apparatus and coordination capabilities, palpation and external examination, anthropometry, and podometry.
Neither dynamometry nor goniometry was felt to be clinically relevant for Jack because they were not a functional measure of his ability.
The nature of the surfaces is characterized with contact angle goniometry, ATRFTIR, and other spectroscopic or microscopic techniques.
05) goniometry, using the procedures described by Norkin and White (10).
Surface polarity, morphology, and roughness are determined using goniometry and AFM.
Goniometry measurements showed a statistically significant difference in water contact angle between the two ELP/ELP-PA blends (Figure 6).
10) The shoulder's active and passive ROM (flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, and internal and external rotation) were measured via goniometry, (11) and the functional assessment was calculated according to the Constant-Murley scale.
Cram session in goniometry and manual muscle testing; a handbook for students & clinicians.