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direction finder that determines the angular direction of incoming radio signals

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Hip and knee joint positions were sampled at 500 Hz from the Lokomat goniometric output (Biopac MP150).
However, to date, no crystals suitable for goniometric measurements have been found.
LightWorks goniometric lights, users can create precise lighting
Accepts industry-standard goniometric data--which describes in detail the way a fixture distributes light in all directions--and includes a wide range of manufacturers' goniometric files
For goniometric measurement, the axis and arms were aligned as previously described (Fig.
All studied samples were analysed by X-ray diffraction, using the Philips PW 3710 diffractometer under the following working condition: CuK[alpha] radiation, 40 kV, 55 mA, goniometric shift 1 [degrees] x [min.
to explain different techniques of goniometric measurement), the historical sequence will be disregarded.
Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine possible differences between weight-bearing goniometric and radiographic ankle range of motion measurements in female ballet dancers.
Only repeated and extremely exact goniometric determinations," he wrote, "can form the basis of an understanding of crystal formation.
The intergrown nature of these crystals prevents goniometric study.
One experienced physical therapist and a second-year physical therapy student obtained two goniometric measurements for each of the above mentioned measurements and reported the average.
Palache and Wood (1904) also reported the dipyramids {104}, {108} and {304} and the prism {110}, but there is some uncertainty about the goniometric measurements (Peacock, 1940).
Two-dimensional goniometric measurements were taken with an electrogoniometer fixed on the lateral side of the knee joint (Fig.
Reliability and validity of goniometric turnout measurements compared with MRI and retro-reflective markers.
6) A typical goniometric measurement of the ankle is made with the patient's leg supine on the treatment table and the fulcrum at the lateral malleolus whilst maintaining the bottom rod of the goniometer parallel with the tibia and fibula.