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Synonyms for goner

a person in desperate straits


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Rhode had offered a $5,000 reward-though she figured the scattergun was probably a goner.
DEAD TIRED: Chas wakes up to find one-night stand Colin's a goner
Eventually he got the mower up and running, but I'm pretty sure the shop vacuum was a goner.
If it should I would be a goner as there would be nothing they could do for me.
In America Alone, Steyn claims that Europe is almost certainly a goner, and that America is the world's last, best hope for freedom.
He thought he was a goner but Khit managed to smash the patio doors open and they swam out.
Departments throughout the Government, including the Treasury, Prime Minister's Office, Department of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Defence, will now be protected by a new line of defence against the growing dangers posed by mass mailing viruses such as Lovebug, Sircam and Goner.
A survey by ICSA(R) Labs, an independent division of TruSecure Corporation, of 147 randomly selected North American companies with more than 500 PC workstations found that all were exposed to Goner.
Hundreds of thousands of computers around the world received the Goner worm as an e-mail attachment disguised as a screen saver.
The 41-year-old thought he was a goner, even though passersby bundled him into a car and rushed him to the nearest hospital emergency room.
Or in other words, that's why the Other (it's an internal and eternal affair) is the goner who is at the same time immortal.
Every 15 minutes he's down on the deck, battered and bleeding, a goner for sure; five minutes later he's back up fighting the bad guys.
Still, in the end, the point is made: Chapter I I is a cure that's often deadlier than the disease; if a company was in trouble before it sought protection, it's a likely goner afterwards.
Its proprietary heuristics and fast scan engine enables VOP modusGate to accurately and quickly identify new viruses, including any low to high risk viruses such as Klez, Goner, Badtrans and Nimda.