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Synonyms for pear-shaped

having a round shape tapered at one end

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(of sounds) full and rich

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We brought Laursen in but now that has gone pear-shaped.
Just as Michael Vaughan and England seemed to have entered a new era of one-day cricket with their exciting series win over Pakistan, it's suddenly all gone pear-shaped.
The fruit analogies have gone pear-shaped, to be replaced with comparisons to fragrant flowers.
AFTER ten years of economic growth and prudence by Gordon Brown, our then Chancellor, two years on as our Prime Minister it's all gone pear-shaped.
Ronnie Wood got his wish in the saucy shape of Ekaterina Ivanova - try getting Keith Richards to say that with his teeth out - and now it has all gone pear-shaped.
Yes, things have previously gone pear-shaped (was the Fourth Disgrace pear-shaped?
Something had obviously gone pear-shaped for a 50-1 shot to be matched at 1.
Well I'm afraid the diet, like Sophie, has gone pear-shaped, because one of my spies spotted her in a Mayfair sandwich shop this week buying a ciabatta the size of a small baby.
IT'S all gone pear-shaped for Carol Vorderman, asked to drop wages from pounds 1million a year to a mere pounds 100,000, for er, counting up the numbers on Countdown or spelling out "the cat sat on the mat".
The Geordie lass had just been handed a pounds 30 fixed penalty for eating an apple while driving when the officer came up with the hilarious pay-off line: "Things might be OK this time but they might have gone pear-shaped.
No official word as yet on why things have gone pear-shaped after 12 weeks, although it appears that he quit the Premiership because there were too many matches - and now he's complaining that he's not playing enough.