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Synonyms for overboard

go overboard


throw something or someone overboard

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A SEARCH is under way off the coast of Newfoundland for a missing crew member who has gone overboard off the Queen Mary 2.
He had gone overboard from the Boyne Harvester shortly before midnight while tending fishing gear.
The Days Of Abandonment depicts the sensitive and troubling subject of a mother gone overboard with obligations, responsibilities and eventually the inevitable solitude.
In these days when 'political correctness' seems to have gone overboard, can we easily look aside when a child falls over and.
About 50 minutes after he had gone overboard, Mr Davis a well-built man who was a very strong swimmer was spotted still very much alive by a crew member on a container ship.
Americans United said that while the school may have had good intentions in wanting to teach about religion, it may have gone overboard.
A throw line is just what it sounds like--a line to throw to people who, like me, have gone overboard without a life jacket.
The senior executive's manager mentioned to us that he had not only taken the program on board but had gone overboard.