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Synonyms for overboard

go overboard


throw something or someone overboard

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Stena Line Ltd, which denied liability, argued that civil engineer Mr Davis, who had experienced a psychotic episode in 1999, must have gone overboard deliberately.
Americans United said that while the school may have had good intentions in wanting to teach about religion, it may have gone overboard.
A throw line is just what it sounds like--a line to throw to people who, like me, have gone overboard without a life jacket.
The senior executive's manager mentioned to us that he had not only taken the program on board but had gone overboard.
The people at TresCom have gone overboard this year to ensure that tens of thousands of mothers in Puerto Rico receive a gift that keeps on giving long after mother's special day has passed.
CONCERNS are growing for a missing man who may have gone overboard during a Liverpool ferry crossing.
He had gone overboard from the Boyne Harvester shortly before midnight while tending fishing gear.
In these days when 'political correctness' seems to have gone overboard, can we easily look aside when a child falls over and.
Mr Simon Kverndal QC, for the widow, told Mr Justice Forbes that Mr Davis had gone overboard about 11.
Since 1952, homeowners have gone overboard in decorating houses and yards along Lubao, Jumilla, Oakdale and Penfield avenues between Oxnard and Martha streets.
Executive producer Hasselhoff, pictured with beach beauties Donna D'Errico and Traci Bingham, said: "We have gone overboard on the babes this season, but we will still have family stories and plenty of action.
I think that maybe some people have gone overboard on that one.