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Synonyms for banana

go bananas


  • go crazy
  • go nuts
  • go insane
  • go bonkers
  • go mental
  • go barmy
  • go loopy
  • go round the bend
  • go frantic
  • go batty
  • go doolally
  • go round the twist
  • go nutty

Synonyms for banana

any of several tropical and subtropical treelike herbs of the genus Musa having a terminal crown of large entire leaves and usually bearing hanging clusters of elongated fruits

elongated crescent-shaped yellow fruit with soft sweet flesh

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HARTLEPOOL has gone bananas by electing a monkey as mayor - now Wales on Sunday readers can vote for their equivalent.
You might say Ken Bannister has gone bananas over bananas.
THE art world has finally gone bananas with this new creation which went on temporary display yesterday.
Gone Bananas, for example, purports to offer the most extensive selection of ``mixed-match'' women's swimwear on the West Coast.
TO critics who say that modern art has gone bananas, the contender for Britain's richest art prize has the answer.